Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This Is Not a Joke - Tiger Woods to Pimp Japanese Pain Relief Lotion

For the first time since November of 2009, when Tiger Woods hit a fire hydrant and then starting losing sponsorships faster than Phil Mickelson does U.S. Open leads, there will be a new sponsor added to Tiger's list.

The strange part? It isn't Lexus or TaylorMade or Coca-Cola. It's for a Japanese-based pain relief lotion called Antiphlogistic Analgetic Vantelin Kowa series. Try sticking that whole thing on the side of a hat.

"Kowa Company Ltd. is pleased to announce the use of Tiger Woods as the image character of Antiphlogistic Analgetic Vantelin Kowa series," the Nagoya-based company said in a press release.

The TV commercial with Woods will debut nationally in Japan from mid-July.

It sure seems like a strange time for Woods to be the man behind something to help get ride of a pain, since that's exactly why he hasn't been playing golf since the Players Championship in May, and will most likely miss the British Open, his second major in a row, because of knee and Achilles problems.

But I guess when you haven't shaved in ages and are just sitting around waiting to get better, you'll sign any deal possible.

While companies in the United States sure doesn't seem to be tossing the right offers Tiger's way, it seems more likely that this will becoming more of a trend, since he is a global icon and nobody in the U.S. will ever see these on their television during the final round at Firestone.


Ryan said...

Ha ha, Classic. Unfortunately he needs some pain relief on his knee before Rory takes over his spot as the best golfer on the PGA.

Shane B. said...

"pain relief on his knee" is probably not the best wording when mentioning anything about Tiger these days.