Monday, June 27, 2011

What the Hell Is Going On?!?!

I guess golfers have just decided not to practice anymore. "Ahh, the hell with it, who wants to make a music video?"

After four PGA Tour stars came out with a music video that still gives me nightmares (my girlfriend said on Sunday during one of Hunter Mahan's Ping commercials, "I can only picture him in that fur jacket now when I see his face"), the players of the Ladies European Tour came out with a match to it.

The video is below. It is what you'd expect. It only brings up this question -- how easy is it these days to make and produce one of these things? Can you just put out a request on Twitter and have it created by lunchtime?


Will said...

Give it up for Arizona's very own, Cassandra Kirkland!! ... on a sidenote, wow. Shane when is the bloging world going to make their own video? I say stay with the oh, ah, theme and just add a "b" for blog. bah, bah, bah, bahhhhhhhahaa!

Anonymous said...

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