Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why is Tiger Woods' Caddie Taking Another Job?

When you're the caddie for the highest paid athlete in the world, and you get paid a million bucks for a silly little Valvoline emblem on your arm, it seems strange that you'd step out of that role just because your golfer isn't playing.

But I think Steve Williams caddying for Adam Scott next week at the U.S. Open says a lot more about Williams than it does about his relationship with Tiger Woods, or the inevitable end of that.

See, everybody has something. If it isn't an extreme passion for golf, it might be basketball, or stocks, or business. We all get our highs from one thing or the other, and that's what we love. Jay Leno gets his from being on air and cars (and stealing people's television shows). Tiger gets his from golf and boating (and, well, you know). And it appears Williams gets his thrills from racing and caddying.

He's one of the best caddies in the world, and he knows that, so why wouldn't he be willing to help out a younger player with miles of talent that has never claimed a major, especially if he knows Tiger could be out for a while? While I'm sure Tiger pays Williams a salary and not the standard percentage that most loopers get, it probably gets boring sitting around waiting for the bat phone to ring.

So we shouldn't look that much into this. I don't think it means they're splitting up or the world is ending between Tiger and another famous relationship. I just think it simply means that Williams wants a job, and Tiger doesn't mind.

Now if Scott somehow won next week at Congressional? Well, that sure would stir this pot now, wouldn't it?

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Patricia Hannigan said...

Don't you think this was somehow engineered by the powers-that-be in an effort to bring a connection to Tiger (however peripheral) into the mix?

I can't help but think that there's major concern about what may well be a substantial decline in viewership among casual fans due to the absence of Mr. Woods.

The presence of Steve Williams won't do a huge amount in that regard, but every little bit helps. I'm not saying Williams isn't "into it" or that he's not a great caddy. It's just that the first think I thought of was the ratings. (*.*)

seak said...

Stevie was already in the US, he and Scott are friends, and he likes the big events. Scott needed a good caddie.

Let's be honest though Stevie isn't getting a 1mil/yr sponsorship from Valvoline to carry Scott's bag, whether or not Scott wins the US Open. Nor (I think) does Stevie want to go back to caddying a number of normal pga tour events

Anonymous said...

He has a chance to win over $100,00 with a win. No wonder he is passionate about caddying.