Monday, July 18, 2011

Apparently Rory McIlroy Went to the Bubba Watson School Last Week

You all know Rory Mcilroy. Young, bright star. Winner of the U.S. Open. Favorite heading into Royal St. George's. Grew up playing links golf in Northern Ireland, where the wind blows and the rain soaks and bounces decide more results than grooves.

He is the poster boy for links golf these days, opening with a 63 a year ago at the Open Championship at the home of golf, St. Andrews, before getting beaten up by weather on Friday and finishing a few shots back of Louis Oosthuizen.

McIlroy played himself into positon this week, but couldn't do much over the weekend, eventually finishing tied for 25th. The reason? Because, it appears, nobody else was playing in the same weather he was. Those jerks!

This is what Rory said after his round on Sunday.

"I'm not a fan of golf tournaments that the outcome is predicted so much by the weather. It's not my sort of golf," he said.

Not your sort of golf?! Not your sort of golf?!? Would this be like Tiger Woods complaining about how far the new guys hit it? Padraig Harrington getting mad the bar only serves Guiness? Boo Weekley correcting someone's diction?!

No. No no no no no. You can have a bad week. Be disappointed about the way you played. Hate the golf course. All of those things, but a person from the UK can't talk about how wind and rain makes golf tougher. You need to lock that up, McIlroy. We like you. Don't make us change our minds.

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Mike said...

It was a stupid thing to say. If an American player or Sergio had said these things they would have been tar and feathered. While I like honesty with players, I think that was more frustration than honesty. I still stand by my position that you cannot take 3 weeks off hobnob with the rich and famous and then expect to win a major. He should have played either 2 weeks before or the week before to get himself in playing shape.

It should also be noted that Bubba apologized for his comments and said that he would like to come back next year. I was very impressed that he did this.

Anonymous said...

When is Ricky Fowler going on the L.P.G.A. with his cute little kitty hat and flat billed hats and pretty shoes to match. Excuse me isn't he on the wrong tour?

Anonymous said...

rickie fowlers banging more women than you bitchass

Mark said...

I love Rory but agree. The most stupid thing he said was "I like to play in sunshine and 83 degrees". Why didn't you join the PGA Tour then!!!

To say he doesn't like the weather dictating the winner was also insulting to Clarke.

Shane B. said...

Mike and Mark, couldn't agree more.