Monday, July 11, 2011

Hank Haney Hates America

Just a day after Americans had their most America day since July 4 (thanks soccer ladies!), Hank Haney decided to tarnish the red, white and blue.

Okay, so maybe that's a bit much. He didn't burn a flag or anything, but he did say what a lot of people are thinking to The Scotsman. He said he doesn't think an American has a chance at Royal St. George's.

"I will be totally surprised if an American wins the Open this week," Haney said. "I expect one of the top European players to win at Sandwich.

"In the past, when Americans did win the Open it was invariably because we simply had better players. But that isn't the case any more. Now, the Europeans have more talent. So it will be a pretty large upset if an American does win this week. I mean, what do we have, six players in the top 15?"

Okay, so, yeah, I think Haney has a point. The American contingent heading to the Open is weaker than it's ever been, but I'll say this; who the heck knows who is going to win this thing? Remember the last time it was there an American named Ben Curtis walked away with the Claret Jug, so it isn't exactly like people from the United States should jump on the next British Airways flight back home.

The thing is, these days nobody knows who is going to win. Sure, Martin Kaymer and Rory McIlroy have won two of the last four majors, but so has Louis Oosthuzien and Charl Schwartzel, and you would have had a better chance at spelling both those last names correctly on your first try than picking either of them to win.

So, yeah, the Americans are definitely weaker, but it isn't like they couldn't win. We'll just have to wait and see.

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nocurling said...

shane, buddy. are you a little off your feed tonight? that's a very inflammatory post header considering that you back off the whole statement in the post.


Giovanni Bobbio said...

@nocurling That's the way to get a few more reads. You will notice that it's a pretty standard device on this blog.

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