Thursday, July 28, 2011

Maybe This is Why Tiger Doesn't Tweet A Lot

If there was one golfer that got the most heat of anyone right now, it would have to be Tiger Woods. Some want him to quit the game forever. Others want him to take the rest of the year off. People are mad at him, disappointed, confused, weirded out. It's a strange situation, and just a few minutes on Twitter will show you the obvious outrage.

So lucky for Team Tiger, Woods doesn't spent a lot of time on that social networking outlet. Maybe Rory McIlroy should follow suit.
The Golf Channel's European Tour analyst Jay Townsend, who has played some professional golf in his life, took a shot at Rory's course management on Twitter, saying "McIlroy's course management was shocking." Apparently, Rory wasn't a big fan of that, and this is what he wrote back.

Ehh, come on Rory, you're better than that. Anytime I write anything controversial over at Yahoo!, I get four or five comments about how "I don't know because I never played on the PGA Tour!", and trust me, if I'm comparing you to a Yahoo! commenter, it isn't a compliment.

But I guess that just shows youth and fire. I don't hate that he fired back, I just wish he would have gone about it another way. While I don't love LeBron James that much, I still respect how he handled that ridiculous question during the NBA Playoffs about him shrinking in the fourth quarter. That is how superstars handle critics.


Mike said...

I cannot tell if you are joking about Lebron or not. I was extremely disappointed with the way that Lebron handled the question at the end of the finals by saying that he was rich and everyone else was going to wake up poor tomorrow so he is better off. It was the wrong way to go about handling the situation.

As for Rory he is having some ups and some downs. Jay has a point about how Rory played. On 18 Jay made a comment that he should not have hit driver and because he did he it into a fairway bunker and from the fairway bunker he hit into the water. His analysis was dead on. Rory often says things out of frustration and this like the comment regarding sunny weather for the Open Championship can be chalked up to youth but he should still watch himself. At the very least in this case apologize.

Tee Time at Ole Miss said...

I do agree that Rory stepped over the line with the "failed golfer" comment. That said, I also think that the media could back off a little. I'm sure that Jay caught the brunt of Rory's frustration with journalists in general. And the way the media continually smothers him, it doesn't surprise me that he snapped.

Jordan J. Caron said...

Rory has recently shown that he is still 22 despite seeming mature after winning at Congressional. Yes Jay is failed golfer but what a childish response. He definitely could have conjured up a better response.

I guess by Rory's standard people can't have opinions because they haven't played the game at a high level before. The reason many watch sport is to question and to have discussing about their opinions. It's all about being an armchair golfer!

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