Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Does Padraig Harrington Know Tiger Still Needs FIVE Majors to Pass Jack?

I was a little confused when I read over the following quotes by Padraig Harrington, former three-time major winner turned lip-biter, but I think I've figured out the problem.

Here, these are the quotes from Harrington on Tiger Woods catching Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 majors, a subject that is getting nearly as tiring as debating the Official World Rankings.

“I still put my money on him doing it,” Harrington said. “I still believe he turns up and plays well in a given week, I think he’s well capable of winning any major he plays in.”

“He still has a good ball flight. He still hits it well. Once he puts it together in a given week, he can win and will going forward.
Will he be as dominant as before? I think players have improved in general, so maybe not,” Padraig said. “I played with him at the PGA and he still hit plenty of good golf shots. There’s plenty of things I saw there. Okay, it wasn’t his week that week, but when it is his week, he will win again.”

See the problem with the quotes? "Winning any major." "Given week." "When it is his week." Tiger doesn't need one more major to take out this record, he needs five. That means he doesn't need ONE week, he needs FIVE. And he needs all these perfect storms to happen at majors. I'm not sure why we're still debating this, mainly because the present evidence shows that it isn't going to happen, yet certain players still "see it," but why don't we all make a point to drop this until he actually wins another major. Is that okay? He's at 14. When he gets to 15, we can start the discussion about when he's going to get to 18, and 19, and then 20, but for now, he's at 14 and that isn't going to change at least until 2012, if not longer. We all know can win majors, because he's done it before, but we also know that he isn't winning anything right now, because he isn't. These are just facts. Making an assumption about where his golf game will be in the future is insanity, mainly because if in 2008 after Torrey Pines, if I had bet you $4,000 that Tiger wouldn't win a major through 2011, you would have shook my hand faster than Tiger's missing fairways. That's because we can't predict the future. Hope that isn't a newsflash to you all.

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seak said...

Harrington was asked to make a prediction one way or other. It IS a stupid question so how about we stop asking it (even of Tiger/Jack)?

Craig D. said...

I think you are right, he's not going to make it. I hope he doesn't, but if he comes close it will be good for the game of golf.

Gareth @ Beginners Golf said...

I certainly wouldn't bet he is going to do it but I did say a number of years ago he would surpass Jack Nicklaus record. I am not so sure about it now though think he still has a few majors in him if he gets his game together but whether he has 4 to match the record or 5 to beat it I don't know.

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