Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fred Couples Announces Tiger Woods Will Be on Presidents Cup A Month Early

The first word that popped in my head when I heard that Fred Couples announced that Tiger Woods would be a captain's pick to the 2011 Presidents Cup team was, "huh?"

Stranger than that? The Couples quote, that almost reads like something a drunk guy would say about a close friend before he got whisked away in a cab.

"I've told him that he's going to be on the team," Couples said just before a practice round preparing for the Boeing Classic at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge. "There is no reason for me to wait till Sept. 26 to pick Tiger. He's the best player in the world forever."

He's the best player in the world forever? What does that even mean.

Now I'd like you all to understand something, because I'm sure it is hard for me to explain this when I write negatively about Tiger Woods; I like Tiger. I think he makes people care about golf. He gets 20 times the attention to anything we golf writers publish, and he makes most regular people care about the game. Now is that to say I think he's good for golf? No, actually I don't, mostly because I think he's made it a one-pony show, and when he isn't around, everyone watches something else.

But most of all, I hate this type of stuff. Couples is picking Tiger because he will bring big ratings, he was once an incredible golfer, and mostly, because they're friends. Couples wants Tiger there because he likes having Tiger around, and that's fair if you're planning a bachelor party, but not really that fair when you're talking about a team effort that happens once every two years. What about Keegan Bradley? Or Charles Howell III? Ryan Moore, Mark Wilson or Gary Woodland? All of these guys have had seasons worthy of a captain's nod, and all but one of them, if any, will be left off because a guy used to be great a while back. For most people, life is "what have you done for me lately," but for some reason, Tiger supersedes this because the guy was the best fucking golfer on the planet for 12 years.

That's wrong, and isn't fair. If you want Tiger on your team, make the guy play for it. Force him to tee it up in Vegas and make him earn his keep. If for no other reason than to allow us to think you care about the team and not one guy. For the last two years, everyone has kept saying, "Just wait until Tiger has that one week ...", but when? When does that argument end?

I hope that Tiger can win again. I hope that he goes to Australia and snags all the points he can get and makes me look like a bigger boob than I already am. I really hope that.

But how in the world is that going to happen if he can't find a fairway, and isn't hitting it close? And when he does, he can't putt? And if he has five good holes, who's to say he will keep that going? It sure hasn't been the case lately, and some golfer won't be making that trip because the past is overshadowing the present.

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seak said...

Shane, Vegas (and all the other fall series events) come after the pick deadline. I'm guessing that Tiger will play a fall event, bc he likes Freddie and Freddie asked him to. Freddie is a guy who doesn't like hassle he'd already made his decision, why wait to announce it. We already knew he was going to be on the team anyways.

Whether or not it was the right pick is subject to debate. He probably wouldn't have been my 2nd pick (Bradley is the 1st), but you can make arguments for it.

J.R. Clark said...

Has anyone asked Tiger whether or not he will accept a spot on the team?

I guess Fred wouldn't have made the announcement unless he knew Tiger wanted on the team. . .that is, unless Fred is giving Tiger an opportunity to decline and free Couples up to choose another player with the captain's pick.

In the past, Tiger gave me the impression that he considered the Ryder Cup and President's Cup to be irritating obligations.

JT said...

Freddie's pick of Tiger was more about business than friendship. If he leaves Tiger off the President's Cup team, the TV ratings will drop precipitiously. That prospect will not go over well with sponsors, scanctioning bodies and the broadcasters.

John H. Tidyman said...

Unlike other games, if you don't win, you don't get paid. Golf is fascinating because it's just one guy against the course. To select Tiger runs contrary to that, so I'm disappointed. Hate to show my ignorance, but who is the president in the Presidents Cup? The president of Nike?

Anonymous said...

Folks you don't have a vote , so quit bellyaching. Also, isnt this what many members of the media and fan base wanted - to see "TW fall flat on his face" so they all can guffaw and finally bury the SOB, who has been "a thorn in the flesh"
This is only a golf tourney, not voting for the President(you all did not give it so much time when you voted). Say, if TW adultery had not been revealed, but his golf had fallen off, due to injury and bad play, would the outcry of his pick be so loud? - food for thought!!