Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Holy Mother, Ryo Ishikawa Got a Haircut

Flowing locks be damned, Roy Ishikawa is going all Jim Furyk on us. That's his hairstyle at this week's Bridgestone Invitational, and since Marty isn't around to give us his thoughts on the outfit, I ask, do you like the hair?

(Also, below is how his hair used to look.)

Getty Images


GolfGirl said...

I guess we can call it a "Reverse AK"... Ryo's gone in the opposite direction of Anthony Kim. It's not my fave look...but he's still my fave player. {•√•}

ducks 64 said...

Well Patricia, I kind of like the "new Ryo." As for AK, he might be thinking if his hair is about as long as Yani Tseng, he might play as well as she does. Chances of that are slim to none and Slim is out of town. :)

Anonymous said...

Here is Ryo without cap.


Anonymous said...

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