Monday, August 15, 2011

How Most People Will Remember the PGA Championship

Yep. That thing above is how you're probably going to remember this PGA Championship. My boy Jonathan Wall did a great job of breaking down just how bad the commercial-stricken major was, but lord, every other shot seemed to go to some ED commercial, Southwest or some horrible fall lineup of television shows that'll be canceled faster than Paul Reiser.

Anyway, yes, that ball is still haunting me. It rolls after me in my sleep. Damn you, CBS!


J.R. Clark said...

My memory of the 2011 PGA Championship will be the awful CBS announcing team.

I hope that at some point in my lifetime I'll be able to watch the NFL, college basketball, or the PGA Tour on CBS without having to hear the creepy, unctuous voice of Jim "Hello friends" Nantz. I wanted to throw up every time I heard Nantz refer to the PGA as "Glory's Last Chance." What a load of pretentious horsecrap.

Can't Comedy Central take the two wannabe stand-up comics Feherty and McCord off CBS's hands? We get it, you think you're funny, but you add NOTHING to the coverage. I can't believe McCord's shtick hasn't worn out its welcome with TV golf viewers. Feherty is occasionally witty, but he gives the appearance of trying too hard to be funny.

"Sir" Nick Faldo apparently has forgotten all the accumulated golf knowlege that enabled him to win 6 majors and comes across like a less-dotty version of Peter Alliss' nephew.

Verne Lundquist can't pronounce many consonants and gets names confused. Time to retire, Uncle Verne.

From here on out I am muting my TV whenever CBS broadcasts a golf tournament.

J.R. Clark said...

One more thing: Damn you, Frank Chirkinian for hiring these bums.

I hope you are able, down where you are at, to look through a periscope to see what is going on up here on Earth with this terrible CBS golf production team.

jc said...

i thought that it was a weekend-long mercedes benz commercial

J.R. Clark said...

Did you know Duffner walked on the golf team at Auburn?

That Bradley's aunt is LPGA Hall of Famer Pat Bradley?

How many times did the CBS announcing team repeat these facts ad nauseum?

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David Mullen said...

"another victim of frequent flyer red tape." I must of had that in my head all weekend.

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