Thursday, August 18, 2011

Is Stephen Ames in the Running to be Tiger's New Caddie?

It's probably a silly assumption to think that four-time PGA Tour winner Stephen Ames, once famous for making digs at Tiger's swing only to have Woods go out and beat him 9 & 8 at the Accenture Match Play, would be trying to win some points with Tiger, but his latest comments sure suggest that.

Ames, who has made 10 of 18 cuts this season, said something about Tiger on Tuesday at a press conference at the Stephen Ames Cup that sure has been different than most of the tunes people have been singing about Woods over the last year or so (Ed. Note: Can any pro have a "cup" or "invitational" these days? Sure seems like it.).

“Swing-wise (Tiger's swing) looks 10 times better than it was before,” said Ames. “Sean’s done a wonderful job and, as Sean has mentioned before, he’s not clear upstairs right now. I think it’s going to be awhile before he gets there.”

It's just funny because this is the same guy that said you never know where he's going to hit it back when he was actually good, and now when he couldn't find the fairway with a Toro he's complimenting the move Tiger makes.

Maybe he's just trying to get Tiger to play in the Ames Cup? That could definitely be it.

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J.R. Clark said...

Talk about a left-handed compliment! I'd say the worst offense a fellow PGA Tour pro can commit is to publicly comment on Tiger, so Ames probably shouldn't expect a Christmas card this year.

andy said...

I think it's more of a compliment to Foley, who also teaches Ames.

It is funny that he was negative when Tiger was at his best though.

Anonymous said...

I am a 75 year old golf fanatic who has been priviliged to watch the greatest golfer of this or any other generation!!!!!
Tiger has done nothing in reference to golf and ALL the people who play golf for serious money can thank TIGER.
As in all sports there are many
people admire ability and others
who are envious. The golfers on the TOUR should be more than thankful for what TIGER has done.

Stop knocking and thank GOD for him!!!

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