Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lost in All This Tiger Mania is Rory Announcing Something Great

Two months ago at Congressional, I was watching Rory McIlroy's award ceremony from a hill about 500 yards up from the 18th green, listening to McIlroy thank just about everyone in his entourage and family as you'd expect from a first-time major winner.

It was pretty standard until Rory was asked if this win meant he might be spending more time on U.S. soil. He smiled sheepishly and answered something to the line of, "I guess I should." Little did we know that a small line like that would be foreshadowing for the next two months of his life.

Rory played the British Open and after getting himself into contention the first two days, McIlroy struggled with the conditions and then said he didn't like playing tournaments where wind played such a huge factor, a blasphemous claim considering the man grew up in Northern Ireland. And then Rory got in a little Twitter spat about his course management that occurred on European soil. And now, Mcilroy has announced that he might just be spending more of his time over in the United States, saying on Wednesday, "I feel I play my best golf over here. I’m very comfortable in this country. Yeah, I’m definitely looking toward coming back and playing a full schedule.”

While some might blast Rory for pushing away from the European Tour after just one season, golf is a sport that's a selfish one, because you're alone on the golf course and you're playing for yourself and yourself only. You make a bogey, it's on you. You win a tournament, the check goes to your bank account. I'm proud he's coming out and saying this, because it shows he's comfortable enough to make an announcement that some might shake their head about.

But if McIlroy wants to spend his time over here, good for him. I hope he does. We all know the PGA Tour could sure use the ratings love.


Jordan J. Caron said...


I have to agree, it is nice to hear a guy continue to speak his mind. Seemingly because he is comfortable doing so. He admitted that he isn't great in poor weather conditions which is about 5% of the tournaments one plays in the the US.

It's known the the Open Championship hardly experiences those condition's so who can fault someone for not changing their game for a 5% probability?

Why focus on your weaknesses?

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