Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Of Course the PGA Championship Ratings Were Down

The overnight numbers came out about this past weekend's PGA Championship, and the playoff between Keegan Bradley and, oh, whatever his name was, were down 14 perent from a year ago, and 43 percent from '09 (that was when Tiger was in the hunt!).

Some people are making a big deal out of this, but really, who thought they were going to be great? We had two no-names playing in the least interesting major of the year, and unless you actually enjoy the game of golf, you probably never even flipped it over to CBS to see who was competing.

Is that necessarily bad for golf? No, not really. If the Detroit Pistons were playing the Sacramento Kings in the NBA Finals, you'd expect the ratings to be down just because they aren't big market teams. That's just reality. If Tiger/Phil/Rory/Ryo/Rickie/Bubba/Dustin aren't battling down the stretch, the casual sports fan is probably going to try to find something else on the tube.

Was it great golf? Absolutely. Was it the second most exciting major of the year? Totally. Did you expect it to outperform 2010 or '09? No, that would have been a little too lofty.

But still, you can't take away from the fun of that Sunday, and how great the playoff was. I'd take no-names producing that kind of golf any day over a star running away from the pack by seven shots.

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J.R. Clark said...

I don't know...ideally, I'd like to see great players play great in a great venue. The PGA is my least favorite major championship unless it is played on a classic course like Oakmont, Winged Foot, Olympic, Pinehurst #2, or Pebble Beach. This PGA Championship had a John Deere Classic vibe about it because the contenders were unknowns and the CBS announcers seemed almost desperate to assure viewers this was great golf they were witnessing.

The last few majors have given me a "meh" feeling about its champions. Kinda like the late 1960s and early 1970s when Gay Brewer, Bob Goalby, George Archer, Charlie Coody, Orville Moody, and Tommy Aaron won the Masters.

Craig D. said...

I agree 100 percent. I turn off the tube when anyone is running away with a tournament, unless its Jack Nicklaus, of course. Wish those days would return.

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