Thursday, August 25, 2011

Phil Mickelson Would Consider Using a Belly-Putter

Phil. Oh Phil, Phil, Phil, Phil, Phil. Don't you know anything? Anything at all? There are a few things you don't need to talk about, and "belly" anything is one of them, yet this week at the Barclays, Mickelson was asked about the onslaught of the belly/long putter, and said he'd think about using one, if it came with two dozen Krispy Kreme donuts.

“I’ve grabbed (a belly-putter) off the rack and just hit one with it, sure,” Mickelson said. “I don’t see very many left-handed but I’ll grab one when I see it and just take a few practice strokes.

“I wouldn’t rule (a long putter) out,” he said. “But I think there are certain things technique-wise that you have to understand to do it well, to putt well with it.

“It swings differently than a normal putter in your hands, and so I don’t know those little idiosyncrasies, those little secrets, if you will. And so I don’t really putt very effectively with it.”

I'm not really sure if he just did a complete 360 there, but isn't this like Tiger Woods coming out and saying he's okay with men going to strip clubs? Phil, don't talk about your belly. That's what people joke about!

Most people are fans of you! We enjoy you! You're good for golf! But please, please, please don't go to the belly putter. It's a terrible idea. A part of me would die.

(Also, just a side-note: I just went through a whole bunch of pictures of Phil on Getty ... Hey Phil, wear more white. It looks good on you and doesn't look crazy tight. Stop with the goofy, shiny shirts. They don't help you. Trust me on this.)
I'm actually super scared that Tiger would eventually try out the long putter, and I'm not kidding, so if both Phil and Tiger did it, I'd probably have to end this blog and start writing about curling or rugby or something.


Anonymous said...

I could definitely see Phil using the belly putter. Isn't it supposed to help with short putts? Those are the misses that plague Phil. He's carried two drivers before, maybe Phil will carry two putters.

Richard. said...

Well not any more, the PGA banned the use of belly putters. But Phil could consider using the Odyssey Metal-X Arm Lock putter available in January. Check out more info here