Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rory McIlroy Nearly Breaks Wrist on Root at PGA Championship

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That's the video. And the decision making. Just two weeks after being called out for his decision making on the golf course, Rory McIlroy decided to go after a second shot on the 3rd hole at Atlanta Athletic Club, hit a root, and is now debating if he's going to stay out there and play the next three days.

It was a poor decision, but the kid is trying to win, so you can't fault him. What you can fault him for is not just punching out, taking his bogey and going on with it. Heck, he made bogey anyway!!


andieclark said...

I agree that it's an impartial and weak decision but this kid did it well anyway. His bogey was perfect but he needs a little more practice on the country clubs on Long Island to prove his worth on the next tournament.

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