Sunday, August 7, 2011

Scott and Stevie

We should probably all understand something and understand it good and well; Adam Scott won a really competitive golf tournament this weekend. It was a golf tournament that had 49 of the 50 highest ranked players in the world competing and threw some of the most talented people in the world at anyone nearing the top of the leaderboard.

It took guts, talent and glory to win this weekend, and Adam Scott did all that with a muted swagger that a lot of athletes could learn from. Adam Scott was happy making himself the secondary story.

You know why? Because the guy came to Firestone with the best game of anyone in golf, and he knew it. His swing was compact and solid. His putting stroke, even with the tire iron, produced a consistent look the likes of nobody else in the field. His touch around the greens was that of champions. He wasn't going to be beat this week.

But for some reason, Adam Scott had another reason to win; he wanted to win for someone else. Caddies are a very serious reason why people are successful. Having someone on your bag that you're comfortable with makes all the difference in the world. I remember once playing in the Colorado Open qualifier and having a good friend who brought positive thoughts carry my bag and all I could think of was how good I had it, and I played some great golf. That was Adam Scott. He knew the guy looping for him was as good at his job at Adam was at his and that means a lot. Williams wasn't on Tiger's bag for 13 majors for no reason; that takes some serious talent and an even better grasp of your player.

It's just worth giving credit to Scott. He played the best golf of the week by far, and was lucky enough to have a talented looper on the bag that knows how to win and knows how to win in bunches. Scott and Stevie could go on some runs over the next few months, and I'd love to see it. One is a great player. The other is the best at his job that's ever lived. Not a bad combo if you ask me.


Jordan J. Caron said...

I don't know how some people can watch that and say that Stevie highly influenced Adam's outlook the entire week. It's evident that Stevie really coached Adam to stay focused and confident which obviously he did.

A truly outstanding performance from both parties and it was awesome to watch.

Jordan J. Caron said...

That first sentence should read...

I don't know how some people can say that Stevie didn't influence Adam's outlook the entire week.

seak said...

Jordan it's because Adam somehow also manged to look focused and confident while coming down the stretch at the Masters, and when he won in Texas, and on other occasions in the past, all without Steve on the bag.