Friday, August 5, 2011

This Charity Event Sounds Fun

Scrambles are great. We all love them. It's normally a day off work, where you can go play some golf and create a scorecard you normally only see at the Bob Hope Classic.

But there are some events that are more fun than others. Like, for instance, the Elks Lodge rodeo fundraiser in Woodward, Oklahoma. That golf tournament seems like a lot of fun to play in. Why?

Well ...

One of the volunteers stripped naked as part of a putting green challenge, though she was not asked to do so, Day said. He said the woman was recruited to help at the last minute after a longtime volunteer couldn't attend.

Chairman Neil Day said Elks members are trying to dispel rumors spreading throughout the community that the lodge paid the woman to get naked or that she had sex with tournament players. Cellphone photos of the event have been forwarded throughout town."

Wait, are we sure this wasn't the 2011 Tiger Jam? Anyway, yes, it probably is pretty random and shocking when you're in the Dust Bowl, a Bible belt part of the world, and some lady goes birthday suit for the entire tourney, but hey, at least she volunteered to do that, amiright?

The best part of the Okahoma news story? This closing line.

Day said the woman will not be asked to volunteer for the Elks in the future.

Well I'll be!

h/t Mr. Ballengee


Kim said...

Nice to see a golf event where taking a lot of strokes on the putting green is a good thing :D

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