Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tiger 'Watches' Another Sponsor Walk Away

Nobody will ever be concerned about Tiger Woods and his money situation. The dude could send a crate of $100 bills to every member of Congress (and trust me, they could probably use that) and wouldn't even bat an eyelash. But it is worth noting that Tiger has now lost Gillette, Gatorade, Accenture, AT&T and Golf Digest, and you can add that really flashy watch he sports to the group, because Tag Heuer has let the contract with Woods end and they don't plan on renewing it.

This is all according to Ron Sirak, who tweeted that the deal was over, and it ends a long-standing relationship between the two.

Again, money isn't really that big of a problem for Tiger, but seriously, what next, drops him? It seems that everyone is trying to distance themselves from Woods except Nike and a few other deals, and until he starts winning, they won't be coming back.

But alas, Tiger is still golfing, and he'll still earn a hefty check this week no matter what. And I guess now he can get that Rolex he's always wanted.


Kyle T. said...

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