Monday, August 22, 2011

Wait, So Tiger Woods Might Play More Golf This Year?

After Tiger Woods missed the cut at the PGA Championship, and said he had some family obligations to fulfill that would keep from trying to earn enough money last week to make the FedEx Cup, it seemed competitive golf was all but over for Woods on the PGA Tour.

Well, until Monday. Tiger "wrote" on his "blog" that, "I might add another PGA Tour event to my schedule. Right now, I'm looking at my options."

The obvious question is, "where," because Woods isn't invited to play in any of the FedEx Cup series events over the next few weeks, but does need to get some reps in before the Presidents Cup if he's picked by Fred Couples (Tiger also said, "Of course, I want to be on the team").

So where would Tiger play?

The easiest pick would be the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Classic in late October, because it's in Florida and Tiger has won on the golf course before (granted it was in 1996, but still). Also, Justin Timberlake's event in Las Vegas looks like a fun one for Tiger, since it seems he enjoys Vegas and is in late September, meaning if he played well or wanted a few more reps before Australia, he could get them.

Also, the best part? If Tiger played in Vegas, it would be a week after the Tour Championship. What are the chances that Fall Series event would get better ratings than the actual Tour Championship? That answer would probably be very telling on just how much the golf world still likes watching Woods.

But, yes, Tiger is probably going to play more golf on the PGA Tour. That should be fun.

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seak said...

If a fall series event drew higher ratings than the tour championships that would REALLY bad since the fall events aren't on network tv.

J.R. Clark said...

Yes, but I'd be willing to be that one of the networks would broadcast a fall series event if Tiger committed to play.

Doc said...

Shane I think the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Classic is a good fit for Tiger. He throws tantrums like a child, needs a miracle and belongs in a hospital. Keep up the good work.
Doc from golfcentraldaily!

Golf Vacation said...

I must admit that Tiger adds up excitement in every tournament he joined in. Everyone is excited to see his performance and watch every mishap he made.