Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When a Mountain Lion Quickly Stops Being a Hazard

I've never started a post thinking, "Man, I bet PETA is going to hate this stuff," but I've also never seen a story about a mountain lion on a golf course and the best, err, way to remove it from the premises.

But leave it up to Arizona*! In Prescott, a mountain lion was near the 9th hole, and after concerned residents called the Arizona Game and Fish Department, well, the problem ceased to exist.

Wildlife Officer Virginia Gouldsbury returned and shot the lion with a tranquilizer dart, but it climbed higher in the tree. She and two other armed wildlife officers stood at the base of the tree to keep the lion from running toward golfers.

They called the Prescott Fire Department for help with a ladder truck to get a better angle on the lion before shooting another dart.

After the lion fell, they took it out of town and killed it.

I mean, really? You have to kill the damn thing? I know it might pose a threat, but aren't YOU posing a threat on IT when you shoot the animal with tranquilizers?!

I'm not necessarily Captain PC, but I don't really think killing some animal just because it's disturbing the lady nine hole league is the right move. Isn't the Game Department supposed to, I don't know, help out the game?!

Alright, I'm off to play nine holes in Scottsdale. Hopefully a Dalmatian doesn't try to walk in front of the cart path or else I'll have to call Fish and Game and see if they'll run it over with a bulldozer.

* - I live in Arizona, and 100 percent completely and understandably get the jokes about this state, and stuff like this is exactly why.


J.R. Clark said...

Referencing an earlier story, what would they have done if a naked woman was threatening the golf course?

amazing freebies said...

Poor lion. Why the hell there is a lion in a golf course?

australian sky said...

Aww, I feel bad for the lion. Wow. Wasn't there any tranquilizer?

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