Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Word to the Wise: Don't Loan Any Money to John W. Schierman

You know what's cool? When you make a hole-in-one. I've never done it (obviously), but I've been around people that have and they always look so happy and excited. It's a cool feat, and one of those rare sports accomplishments that any level of player can check off their bucket list with the right amount of luck. What is even cooler than an ace? When you make one worth $5,000.

That's what Andrew Vold did, a high school senior out of Coon Rapids, Minnesota. Vold was playing in a charity golf event, and knocked in the hole-in-one that was supposed to pay 5 G's. Why didn't he get the money? Because John W. Schierman seems like an a-hole.

Here's the scoop, via Sports Gride

"... Schierman claims the hole-in-one never happened and that the hole official — whose identity he won’t reveal — did not sign the required affidavit for him to recover the $5,000 from an insurance company he claims he bonded the prize against."

Now, the story gets even tougher. Vold, who plays on his high school golf team, is now ineligible from competing the rest of the year because you aren't allowed to play for money as a high school student.

And even worse? Half the money he was supposed to win would have gone to the charity they were playing for. Honestly, this story could only get worse if an alligator promptly chomped off Vold's leg after he pulled the ball out of his hole.

Hey John, I don't really know what the deal is here, but in the words of Teddy KGB, pay the man his money. This is ridiculous. Some kid who was going to use this money for college tuition is now getting screwed two times because you had someone that didn't sign some paper? The entire group saw it go in, as did the group in front.

Integrity might be dead in most places in this country (like your household, for example), but it shouldn't when it involves some kid and 10 witnesses. Do the right thing, and if you can't, at least let someone else. I have an idea ... in a week or two, if Vold still hasn't got paid, I'm going to start a PayPal account that we can all put money in. Let's see how much we can raise, and maybe it'll help him with tuition next season. That's the plan.

Your move, Schierman.


Josh Cox said...

Count me in.

Anonymous said...

It gets worse. This POS has been doing this all over the country. He owes his ex wife a ton in Child support and has debts from here to FL. He keeps promising the kid his money, and never pays it.

Anonymous said...


Jerrick said...

Glad I found this information. I heard a lot of really bad things about him. I would never loan money to Shierman. I have a never-ending relationship with my loan modification attorney. I always screw seems to screw up when it comes to loans.

packers movers said...

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shankar said...

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głównie przy użyciu wieloletniej natomiast żmudnej drobnostki,
w wyniku której nie w celu każdego oferta takowa była prosta.
Wynikiem owego stało się wypuszczenie innych
towarów, jakie wyeliminowałyby ów tematy. Dokonały to
instytucje pozabankowe, jakie nie sprawiają w oparciu o przepisy
prawa bankowego, a ergo są w stanie samodzielnie dodatkowo po domowemu ustalać dryg przydzielania wsparcia materialnego spośród
jedynych imperatywów. W ten sposób wstały współczesny wyroby skarbowe,
do których zaliczyć można: pożyczkę przy użyciu Net, kredytu online, szybkie kredytu net,
prędkie pożyczki na dowód, szybkie kredytu bez zaświadczeń, szybkie kredytu bez bik a krd, prędkie pożyczki od
momentu ręki, szybką gotówkę, gotówkę od chwili ręki, bądź pożyczkę na dobra, albo kredyt na wakacje a setki
pozostałych tego modela produktów.

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