Wednesday, September 7, 2011

10 Things To Do This Weekend Without Golf Around

As we all know, two weeks of golf can be grueling, so thank goodness those touring pros get this week away from the playoffs to recoup and get their legs back under them. Yes, dead week is upon us, meaning no golf until next Thursday, when the playoffs resume. But what does that mean for us? Here are 10 things you can do to pass the time until next week.

10. Do a rain dance for the East Texas area -- Yes, I grew up in East Texas, and yes, it needs rain more than the GOP needs a star, so do whatever sashay you can to get the clouds to open up over my hometown, and stop these horrible fires from consuming even more pine trees.

9. Spend the weekend being happy you're here -- A lot of people are depressed, but must we remember, as the ten year reunion of 9/11 is upon us, life could be worse. Smile, take some time alone, and just be thankful that things aren't as bad as they could be. As terrible as we seem to have it, remember, most of our complaints are #whitegirlproblems, and should be remembered as such. Now, about this stupid computer charger that won't work!!! Ughhh.

8. Take someone to the range that has never hit a golf ball before -- Spreading the game is a great thing, but it shouldn't just be for the kids in your life. Take a girl friend or an aunt or a buddy that has never got into golf and show them the beauty and power of hitting that one shot solid. It really is a feeling that resonates in your loins, to quote the great Roy McAvoy.

7. Root for the University of Arizona on Thursday night -- Okay, fine, you don't have to, but I'd really appreciate it!

6. Go raid the used golf club bucket at your local golf shop -- It's insane how many hidden gems are in those buckets, and who knows, you might find a bullseye putter or an old metal wood that might just change your game, and even if it doesn't, it'll get you excited about your next tee time.

5. Post a comment below to my friend Wes about how much you hate him for making two hole-in-ones in 2011 and not leaving any out for the rest of us -- Doesn't he know we all want one?!

4. Go to the range and don't bring any woods -- Seriously, just go with your wedges and irons. Trust me, it'll help. A lot.

3. Rent "Win, Win" -- Seriously, might be one of my favorite movies of the year.

2. Go play 18 holes -- Why wouldn't you? The weather in most parts of this country is actually starting to turn, and this is the time you should take full advantage.

1. Watch NFL -- As if you didn't already plan on doing that.


seak said...

Hey Texas: Please take some of our rain, here, take it, no really we're good

signed the east coast

Cam said...

11. Watch the Rugby World Cup. Starts in New Zealand this weekend. Your country is even in it!
I know it's not really a big deal over in the States but it's huge here in NZ and Australia, plus in Europe.

Tee Time at Ole Miss said...

Re: #8 Hitting a good solid shot is good for the loins. Having someone to laugh at--I mean with--is also a wonderful feeling.

Anonymous said...

How do you mean "no golf until next tuesday"? I think the Dutch open is a fun tournament to watch.

Maine Lefty said...

Found a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 in a used bin for a great price. It looks good in the bag...

Daisy Dee said...

Interesting post. I am just a beginner in golfing and I might get addicted too much. I would list down my 10 things to do without golf too when that time comes. online golf stores

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