Sunday, September 4, 2011

European Golf Tour Prefers It Short

Yep, that's the word from the Gecko EuroPro Tour (yes, that's really something), who has banned long and belly putters, citing the "anchoring" maneuver as the main reason they're not allowing them around.

Here is the official word on the deal ...

Director of golf Paul Netherton said “With the anchoring of the putter into a players midriff, we feel this gives a player an unfair advantage over the rest of the competitors in the field, which goes against the ethos and spirit of the game. “ Paul went onto say, I have no problem with the development of equipment, especially for amateur golfers to progress and enjoy the game, but I feel at the top of the game the professionals, shouldn’t need gimmicks to compete.”

Humm. I mean, I agree with all the things he said, and like that a smaller tour decided to be the first to make this move, but honestly, aren't most of the pros in Europe using long putters? The only thing more controversial than this across the pond is if they banned those electric push carts. (Note: I played in the British Open qualifier this past summer, and I was the ONLY PLAYER that didn't have one of those electric push carts. The only one. Seriously, people looked at me carrying my bag like I had four arms and a 1-iron in the bag.) 

I think long putters are a little cheating, but I also think that putting is 100 percent mental, and as long as you have some sort of motion that gets the ball going in the same area every time, you're only going to make the putts if you think you'll make the putts. 

But whatever. Maybe other tours will follow and maybe they won't. I don't expect it to be a huge thing.

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Craig D. said...

I'm with you, I don't think it matters what you use to putt with. It's all mental, from start to finish.

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Ben Wimmer said...

Thank you for posting ongolf history and looking at similar sports older than the Scotland. I don't see posts like this very often and it is refreshing. I would like to know more about Chuiwan it looks very close to golf putting.