Thursday, September 1, 2011

Phil Mickelson ... Belly Putter ... Seriously

That above picture is Phil Mickelson trying out the belly putter during the Deutsche Bank pro-am this week. Action starts today, so we will see if that thing is in the bag.

I just wanted to take a moment to say RIP to some of my favorite things in golf; the talenter-ers. I call them that because Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods (Davis Love III also makes this group) always stuck to the old school equipment. Tiger used to use a steel-shafted driver. He loves his 2-iron. He hits blades.

Phil was the same way. He played Ping-Eye 2 wedges when the grooves thing came out. He uses old school putter-types. He forward presses. He plays well because he has incredible touch and feel. Now this. It would be like Tiger putting a hybrid in his bag, or David Love making fun of people still using 1-irons.

This is the death of the old schoolers, and somewhere, Ben Hogan is rolling around in his grave. Can someone please make these long putters illegal before it's too late!?