Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rory McIlroy Confirms What We Were All Thinking

Last month, at the year's final PGA Championship, Rory McIlroy went for a shot in the first round that nearly ended his season, and definitely ended his run at a second major championship.

It was on the 3rd hole, and McIlroy smoked a root trying to punch an errant drive back into the fairway, forcing him to wince and ice his wrist throughout the rest of the round, never really being the same guy. When he did it, just about everyone thought it was a stupid move, and now the man that hit the second is even saying it wasn't very smart.

Via Rory's blog ... "Looking back on it now it was a stupid shot to play on the 3rd, at the time I thought I could get away with it, but obviously I didn’t and it put paid to my chances of a second major this year."

Yes, it wasn't your smartest, but I must admit, even now I thought it was ballsy to try it, and actually showed what Rory had talked about after winning the U.S. Open.

McIlroy said he needed to be more confident on the golf course, and attempting a shot like that shows that you really think you're invincible on the course, so mission accomplished. But, next time I pick you to win a major, you best not be going for broke in the first friggin' round, McIlroy.

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