Wednesday, September 7, 2011

That Hole-In-One Story Just Got a Whole Lot Shistier

You might remember just over a week ago, a story I posted about a young man that made a hole-in-one that was worth $5,000. The people in charge of the tournament never paid him, claiming the official watching the hole, "did not sign the required affidavit."

Turns out, our man Andrew Vold wasn't the only one that didn't get paid. The story goes much deeper, according to NBC's KARE, who did some great reporting. Not only did they talk to John W. Schierman, the man in charge of the company that won't pay Vold, but they also found out who the official was watching the hole, and she had some interesting things to say about the deal.

Via their report ...

"He made the hole-in-one," said Amanda Herman. Herman was working for Par 3 Fun Stop that day. 

She says Andrew's shot was the real deal. "I was freaking out with the whole family. I was very excited for him. It was very cooll. I've never seen anybody hit a hole-in-one before, so it was cool," said Herman.

So if Herman, the person that Schierman said didn't sign the affidavit, saw it go in, why isn't Vold getting his money?

Turns out, the whole Par-3 Fun Stop might be a scam. When KARE went back to talk to Schierman after an employee said there were other unpaid hole-in-ones pending, the man in "charge" finally broke down, admitting that not only did he not have hole-in-one insurance, but the whole affidavit thing was a scam to buy some time so he could find the money.

And on top of all that, Schierman said he'd do an interview with the Minneapolis-St. Paul affiliate only to no-show on them the day of the interview.

The only silver lining in this whole thing? Schierman has contacted Vold, who plans to use the money to pay for his college, and told him he'd try to get him the money by October 15, but as of now, we know his word only goes so far.

It's a crappy story that just got worse, but at least there are some answers now.

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Dale Mord said...

I worked for John, It did sound like a scam but he made it sound legit. but after a while and now seeing this story it all makes sense.