Thursday, October 27, 2011

Charlie Sifford Not a Huge Fan of Augusta National

Most people are scared to say even the slightest dig at Augusta National. The place is an incredible mecca to the game of golf, but it does have plenty of skeletons in the 'ol closet, and most of those skeletons include discrimination.

So when Charlie Sifford, the Jackie Robinson of the golf, was asked about Augusta by the LA Times, you can probably guess he wouldn't be really high on the place. Or he'd say this. One of the two.

"[Bleep] Augusta."

"When I was good enough to play there, the Masters never invited me, so why would they invite me now? ... I could have been invited, I should have been invited, but a long time ago they thought all golfers should be white and all caddies should be black. I've never been to Augusta and I'm never going."

Sifford has a great point here. For a long time the place was extremely racist and while most of us would give our our interlock grip for a chance to just smell the grass at the place, others, understandably, see it as  a sign of the old ways of life.

I respect Sifford for lashing out and saying what he said. Somebody needed to do it, and I appreciate the comments.

Now, if Augusta would like me to come out and do an investigation on how the course is run now, I'd be happy to fly out and play a few holes to make sure everything is up to 2011-standards. Let me know, guys!

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seak said...

BTW the article was written on the occasion of him going into the So Cal HoF so congrats to him on that.

I know he was inducted into the Golf HoF, but it seems like he often gets forgotten, and deserves more recognition for what he did.

Anonymous said...

What a bitter man. So sad. I hope he gets over his demons.

Anonymous said...

What demons? Golf has been notoriously racist (What, is that news to you?) and the man spoke his mind. As a matter of principle, tour events shouldn't be played at private clubs that discriminate.

Anonymous said...

Born and raised in Augusta, Ga. and it is well known amongst the black residents there that we (blacks) aren't wanted out there. The course use to have a day that the employees could come out and play the course and fish. That day was always known as "N---er Day". Unbelieveable.

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