Thursday, October 13, 2011

Do People Really Expect Luke Donald to Play For the Money Title?

The truth is, right now in golf journalism, the barrel be dry. There isn't any real important golf tournaments taking place. The Presidents Cup isn't for another month. And most of the guys that mean something to the game and enjoying their lives as millionaire athletes should.

So I get that the race to see which player is richer is something to write about. What I don't get? People actually expecting Luke Donald to care. 

The truth is, Webb Simpson is going to pass Donald this week on the PGA Tour's money list. If Donald doesn't play next week in Florida, Simpson will win and things will be great and he will be just as rich then as he is now (or will be after this week, where he opened with a 7-under 63 and is tied for the lead after the first round). 

The problem is, Donald's wife, Diane, is expecting her second child pretty soon. The baby could hit during next week's event, which means, if Luke decided to play, he'd miss the birth of his second kid. Which makes no sense. There will be plenty of trips to Walt Disney World in his future, but next week, to play golf, isn't one of them. Donald is a smart guy, and won't do something like that because it doesn't really matter. It's the last event of the season, but the number one player in the world has enough prizes this year to hang his Mizuno visor on. No need to chalk another one up just to do it. 

But it amazes me that people think he'd actually go. Really? This guy is going to miss that? 

Listen, I understand that athletes have egos and want to be the best at everything all the time, but winning the money list ain't what it used to be. Not with the FedEx Cup and the WGC events and everything over on the European Tour. Basically back in the day it said you were the best player around, but with so many top names missing so many regular tour events, winning that isn't exactly like taking home the green jacket. 

Luke, please, please do not go to Disney. For all us somewhat sane people in the world. Thanks.

Update: Yeah, Luke is going to play anyway. It's what I get from expecting stuff from people. He tweeted that he has a "chance of making history." Am I missing something? Has nobody that wears a visor every won the money list? Is that it?

Update #2: So apparently the "history" is winning both the European and PGA Tour money list. Cool. Didn't Sergio want to do this like 10 years ago? 

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seak said...

Plus he has a 2yo and hasn't been home in a while. It's just a money list title. Some golf media need a lesson in perspective.

Oh and Ben Crane what are you doing playing this week?

Will o'the Glen said...

Luke's motivation for entering the Disney Classic isn’t just to beat Webb Simpson for the PGA Tour money title, it is for the chance to be the first to top BOTH the Euro Tour and PGA Tour money lists in the same year.

He hasn’t won a major -- give the guy a shot at something bigger than a regular tournament win…

seak said...

Just don't mention the fact that Tiger would have done it 6 times if he'd bothered to say he was a Euro tour member. And think Vijay might've done it in 2004 (if he'd been a Euro tour member)

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