Saturday, October 1, 2011

Luke Donald Goes 449 Holes Without a Three-putt Holy Mother My Head Just Exploded

Stats can be misleading. They tell us some of the story, not all of it, and mostly are there for filler. You hear offensive stats in football during timeouts or halftime shows. It's an easy way to compare the teams, but frankly, the only thing you need to look at is the scoreboard.

That said, holy hell is this Luke Donald stat insane? My man Paul Mahoney is over in St. Andrews (jerk!) covering the Dunhill, and he reports that Donald's run of holes without a three-putt ended on Friday. What number did it end on? 449 holes! Without a three-putt!

That is just insane. That's a hair more than 24 rounds of golf without a three-putt, or to put it in terms of tournaments, just more than six four-round events without old mr. three wiggle.

What does this stat tell us? Well, Donald is a helluva putter, but it also means that maybe he isn't hitting a ton of greens. Think about it ... if you're missing more greens than normal, you're probably not going to be three-putting a lot because you'll have the ball inside of 10 feet or so for par a lot of the times.

But I'm not trying to take anything away from Donald's streak. That's insane. Congrats. You're the man. I bow to you, World Number One.

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Cam said...

I had four 3 putts today!

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