Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Luke Donald Is Kinda Getting Screwed

The 2011 Player of the Year was a toss-up for most of the season. Well, until Luke Donald reeled off six birdies on the back nine at Disney a week ago, claiming his second PGA Tour win of the year, the money title, and basically the Player of the Year.

Or so he thought. For some weird reason, the PGA Tour decided to postpone the Player of the Year voting until after the HSBC Champions in a week because, well, I don't know.

Steve Elling explains ...
At that point, the tour realized that the HSBC Champions event set to begin in two weeks in Shanghai, China, is quasi-official and should be included in the Player of the Year discussion, too. The HSBC money doesn't count, but if a member of the PGA Tour wins, it is considered an official career victory and the winner gets the customary multi-year exemption.
Elling continued to report on Donald's state of mind, giving this gem of a quote from the world number one.
"I feel like even if I went to HSBC and won, they'd find another event to add," he said sarcastically.
I mean, seriously, what the hell? Now we're just changing big decisions like this end-of-season?

Donald deserves the Player of the Year, and he's mostly likely going to win it, as he should. But the tour has the ability to just change things as they see fit? That's fair?

If I was Donald I wouldn't play in the HSBC. I'd boycott it out of protest because, frankly, this is dumb. The tour does a pretty good job most of the year at making the right decision, but this is not one of those times.

The only good thing is, voters will probably feel sorry for Donald and vote him to win this even more than they already have, which proves once again, Keegan Bradley is the real guy getting screwed.

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Mark said...

Sadly I'm not suprised by this. How can anyone question this guy's claim to the title after the consistency he's shown this year. Two titles, probabaly two money lists and, oh yeah, still a very modest guy.