Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Rory/ISM Breakup Only Gets Uglier

You ever had those two friends in your life that broke up and made it look almost as good as your actual relationship? They separate but are still friends, and are actually happy for each other? Man, isn't that sickening?

Well don't expect any of those sentiments sent Rory McIlroy and ISM's way after their recent split. Things are getting downright "pull the girl's hair in the playground" juvenile between the U.S. Open champion and his now former management agency.

First things first. After Rory made the decision, longtime "buddy" Lee Westwood tweeted at Rory, simply, "bizarre decision." That landed the major-less Westwood an unfollow on Twitter from Boy Wonder, but things didn't stop there.

Cubby Chandler, the face behind (and in front) of ISM, said in an interview that he thought current flavor of the month Caroline Wozniacki might have had something to do with the decision to move on after reports came out that Rory wasn't happy with his current sponsor deals (Thanks for the cash, Oakley!).

These behind the scene business things never seem to be totally disclosed to the public. Maybe it was something as simple as Rory wanting to be under the same umbrella as his buddy Graeme McDowell, or maybe it was something deeper, as others have suggested. Whatever the reason, it's not always good when these types of things spill into the streets. We like to watch and hear about golfers being golfers, but it's impossible these days to avoid this type of stuff, especially when it's all over the place in the media world.

The person that will come out of this looking like the bad guy? McIlroy, of course. Nothing Chandler did will be made public, even if they didn't totally take care of their former client's needs, but the more juvenile Rory acts, the worse it'll be for him in the long run.


Mark said...

I'm really concerned that an individual that seemed to be so mature after winning the US Open may, after all, be allowing the hype to go to his head.

Confidence is fine, but he seems to have taken things to another level. He's dumped his girlfriend of many years, now he's dumped his agent.

I don't know what's going on in his head but the behavior (unfollowing his friend Westwood for making a simple comment?!) is, in Westwood's own words, bizarre.

Shane B. said...

Yeah, but it seems this is how it goes. I've heard from some friends of mine that even Keegan Bradley is struggling with the inflated head syndrome.

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