Monday, November 28, 2011

Australian Rules Golf? Allenby and Ogilvy Nearly Come to Blows

Color me surprised, but it seems the Presidents Cup does matter to a lot of the players, especially Robert Allenby. The only man to go winless earlier this month in Australia at the team event didn't take kindly to the play of Geoff Ogilvy, and after losing in a playoff on Sunday at the Australian PGA Championship, told his fellow countryman what he thought.

Reports out of Coolum is the two got into a verbal argument Sunday night with Allenby challenging the former U.S. Open champion to fisticuffs. 

Here is the what the Sydney Morning Herald had to say about it ...

Some accounts of what happened between the two US-based players had Allenby approaching Ogilvy and offering to settle it physically. What is clear is that on Sunday night, after Allenby had lost a play-off to Greg Chalmers, he and Ogilvy crossed paths and strong words were spoken.

''Look, it wasn't TV Ringside or anything,'' said Paul Galli, Ogilvy's manager. ''I wasn't there, but from what I've been told, it's a storm in a teacup. There were a few words spoken. They will be fine. I've got no doubt they can come together at the [Australian] Masters in a few weeks, have a beer and move on.''

It's actually something that has gone back a couple of weeks. After the Presidents Cup ended, Allenby was quoted in the News Limited newspapers as saying, "(Geoff) hit me in the trees three times off the tee, and I had to chip out three times." Ogilvy went to Twitter when Allenby got in the lead this week and had this to say.

After that tweet, when Greg Chalmers won the playoff, he simply tweeted, "Well done Greg Chalmers."

Man, what is it about people in that region and starting trouble these days? First Steve Williams and now Allenby? Hey, leave my mustached friend alone, Robert! From your track record this month, I'd advice you not to get in a fight. You probably wouldn't win.

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chris_villasenor said...

Since Allenby is completely unlikeable, I'm gonna have to side with Ogilvy here.

Anonymous said...

So......... how much did he get lit up by in the singles match? Who's fault was that? He's done nothing over the past several years and got on the team only because GN is a buddy and wanted more Aussies on the team. He'll get over himself sooner or later.

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