Tuesday, November 29, 2011

PGA Tour Players Reveal Favorite Music Artists, And It's As White As You'd Expect

When I think PGA Tour players, one of my first thoughts is, "What are they listening to?!?" I was always bummed when iTunes used to do those celebrity playlists that Craig Stadler was never given the opportunity to let me the fan know what was on his iPod. Why isn't this in the media guide?

But good news all, because the Press Tent has the answer for your burning question, mainly if your burning question is, "What is Bill Haas' favorite artist?"

The wrap has videos accompanying it, but I'll just give you a few of the answers below:

Tigers Woods -- Hootie and the Blowfish
Padraig Harrington and Rickie Fowler -- Eminem
Bill Haas -- Mark Cohn
Hunter Mahan -- The Clash
Luke Donald -- Coldplay

Ahh! What in the world is that list?! Mark Cohn? YOUR FAVORITE? Please, someone name me one Cohn song besides "Walking in Memphis." Go ... I'm waiting.

The good thing about this story is it does have one of my favorite lines ever written in the history of journalism -- "As you probably guessed from the “Oh, Oh, Oh” music video where he raided David Lee Roth’s closet, Mahan likes to rock." THAT GOLF BOY VIDEO IS MADE TO ROCK!

Also, Rickie? Aren't you supposed to love Jesus? Bubba would not be proud of that Eminem selection, even though I'm pretty sure they played "Kim" last week at my First Baptist service.

So, yeah, check out the list. It's hilarious. Thank you, Press Tent. Thank you a million times over.

(Definitely the second hardest I laughed after the "rock" sentence is the rap selections for Eminem and and Jay-Z. I wish I had been there for this chat:

Golf Writer #1 -- "Hey man, what's a good Eminem song?"
Golf Writer #2 -- "I think he wrote one of for that movie he was in about Detroit?"
Golf Writer #1 -- "Yep, you're right ... /wikipedias ... HE WON AN OSCAR FOR IT!")


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