Thursday, November 3, 2011

Presidents Cup Captain's Pick Keegan Bradley Leads in China

It's nice to know that Keegan Bradley's golf game can travel. Maybe a month or two ago, this would have even helped the youngster land a spot on Fred Couples' team in Australia.

Sadly, those squads are filled out, Keegan isn't on it, but he's still trying to play his best golf possible. On Thursday at the HSBC Champions (an event Tiger Woods has never won), Bradley played brilliantly, shooting a 7-under 65 that never saw the PGA Championship winner put a square on the scorecard.

A few interesting things to take from Bradley's opening round.

First, a win here shows the kid isn't a flash in the pan. I'd love to see it because I feel it's important to back up your first major win with a victory of any kind. Zach Johnson did it a month after his Masters win in 2007 with a victory at the AT&T Classic. David Toms did it at Kingsmill less than two months after his PGA Championship victory in 2001. And unlike the Rich Beems and Shaun Micheels of the major championship world, both Johnson and Toms are real players that will never go away.

Also, I just love that he's playing good golf right now. Sure, he might be saying the right things about the Presidents Cup snub, but you know deep down that he's pissed. I would be. So would you. Bradley can smile to the cameras, but both he and I know he deserved that spot over Tiger. Playing well right now might be just as much proof to Bradley himself than it is to Couples.

Finally, if Bradley wins this thing, he might just be the PGA Tour Player of the Year, which means that Luke Donald would get completely screwed out of that award after the PGA Tour decided to include this tournament last minute. It wouldn't be fair to Donald at all, but at least Keegan would get something for his 2011 troubles (you know, besides the $3 million and five-year PGA Tour exemption).

I'm glad to see Bradley playing well again. I hope he wins. That is all.

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chris_villasenor said...

If the President's Cup wants to be seen as something more than the NFL Pro Bowl, then they should change their approach. For now, it's nothing more than that.

The Part-Time Golfer said...

Good post but can't agree that Bradley deserves the spot over Tiger - over Haas, absolutely but then daddy would never have let that happen...

medservicesstat said...

Apparently Rudyard Kipling was a fan of snow golf, wonder how he kept warm without all the warm light layers we have these days...brrr! Gotta admit I'm a fairweather golfer, unless I'm only going down to the range.

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