Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Presidents Cup TV Times/Listings

I figured I'd toss these up in case anyone was confused at what time this thing kicks off on Wednesday.

Here goes all the LIVE golf networks will be showing ...

Wednesday -- Golf Channel, 9 PM ET - 2 AM ET
Thursday -- Golf Channel, 7:30 PM ET - 1:30 AM ET Update: Weather has pushed Thursday's times up ... 5:30 PM ET - 12:30 AM ET
Friday -- Golf Channel, 3 PM ET - 2:00 AM ET
Saturday -- Golf Channel, 6:30 PM ET - 12:30 AM ET


Matt said...

Any online coverage for those of us stuck in an office?

Anonymous said...

Everyone will be watching Tiger paired with Scott on Day 1 of the Presidents cup! Why did they do that? Just for publicity? Tiger, you can go home and we will forgive you.

Shane B. said...

Matt, looking into online coverage, but for now, you can always use myp2p.eu ... It normally has a feed that will work fine on your computer.