Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Presidents Cup; Where Momentum Happens

Years back, some PGA Tour players started rumbling about these team events. They wanted to get paid. They hated going for a week somewhere without a fee attached to it. These are millionaires, dammit, and if they're showing up to golf, someone needs to be rubbing their feet.

The rumblings quickly ceased. Fans didn't like that these guys were asking for something to play in one of the best, and most appreciated, golf events of the season. People love competition between countries, and the Ryder, Presidents and Solheim Cup give us that fill. Fans love it.

And now, there is no rumbling. Guys like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson say how much fun they have and how much they love it, as they should, and this week especially was helpful to both those guys. Tiger, Phil, Hunter, Bubba, Webb, Ryo, K.T., and Jim are just some of the guys that will use this Presidents Cup as a trampoline into the 2012 season, and if they take anything from Royal Melbourne it's confidences.

Furyk didn't lose a point. Tiger found his swing. Phil figured out how to make big putts again. Hunter exercised the Ryder Cup demons. Bubba and Webb proved that rookies is just a word. Ryo and K.T. showed that they're as good as advertised.

It really is a confidences builder. You're on a team, something different than the rest of the golf year, and you get a chance to go out and have fun with teammates. You get to cheer others on. You get to play for your country and money isn't the final goal. You don't win status on tour or a big trophy for your house, you just are trying to gain points, win holes, strategize against your opponent.

If a few of those guys listed above have a great 2012, it shouldn't surprise anyone. These are the types of things that get people going, and as far as Presidents Cups go, it was as fun to watch as any I can remember.

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spackler said...

They don't get paid for playing in the President's Cup competition? Ask any of their agents how much the future earnings of these guys will increase after winning The Cup.

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