Friday, November 4, 2011

Steve Williams Now Adds 'Racist Moron' To Resume

Some things will never make sense to me. The shirts Phil Mickelson wears. Shanks. And the way Steve Williams has acted ever since Tiger Woods decided to go another way with his loop.

Maybe it wasn't the most graceful move by Tiger in a long line of bad decisions the last couple of years, but it was his decision, and caddies get fired all the time. It's a revolving door job, and you can't exactly say things had been going smoothly for the two the last three seasons.

So when Williams blew up after Adam Scott's win at Firestone, it seemed a little strange. As strange as when he said he felt like he'd wasted the last two years of his life with Tiger? No, but nearly.

And now we have this. Williams, at a dinner earlier this week in China, was asked to rehash the day he said all those things after Scott won at Firestone, and this is what he said.

"My aim was to shove it right up that black ---hole.”

What in the hell? Really? Racist? That's the card you're going to play?

There are few things you can do to lose my respect faster than to call someone out for things like the color of their skin or sexual orientation. Who in the hell cares about that stuff? Williams worked with Tiger and made a substantial amount of money for "that black ---hole," so maybe he needs to chill out on all that and move on.

Seriously. Hasn't it been four months? If this was a Facebook relationship, this would be the point that Williams started posting comments on pictures of Tiger from other people's accounts, just to be mean. He's acting like a child, and saying stupid stuff like this makes him look like an inferior person. We knew him as the camera smashing guy. We knew him as the racer. And we knew him as the victim once Tiger decided to switch gears. But all that will be trumped by this, a stupid comment that will follow him around the rest of his career.

I hope he gets canned by Scott. I really do. If I was Adam, I'd fire the guy. No use in those types of hateful words in my house, and I hope that someone teaches him a lesson.

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Mark said...

Have never liked the guy but did enjoy his win with Scott.

However, this is, as you say Shane, as low as you can go. I too hope Scott steps up, sets an example, and cans him. What a nasty individual.

seak said...

Maybe Steve wasn't the victim in this whole getting fired thing. Probably not racial comments, but I'm not presuming innocence on him not deserving to be canned.

Anonymous said...

Please understand I worked with Steve for a few years and found out he is part or half black I know here is sounds funny but where he comes from in NZ I know this as Greg had told a guy to watch himself when he made a racist comment in front of Steve , he may not look it but in NZ they have a mix of people , they appear all white but come from a mixed race like our President .;

So for him I assure you was not meant in a racist way , the last thing you would here from him is that I can assure you

Anonymous said...

Steve is Maori and considered black
where he hails from just FYI


Anonymous said...

Mr. Bacon...really? I think you are reading a lot more into this. I do not follow golf, Tiger, etc., but your comments alone made me google you to let you know my opinion.

Anonymous said...

It was a personal commment/attack about Tiger but not racist toward black people like you claim. Does it really fit the definition below.

Racism definition: "a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others."

You might want to lay off the crack pipe before you write your blogs!

Anonymous said...

It not a manifestation of racism. That's really an ignorant interpretation of what happened. I can't imagine anyone in real life being so sensitive about an obvious physical trait being called out in such a neutral fashion. The remark was in poor taste, but the word 'black' didn't make it any worse.

Anonymous said...

You are a complete bone head. Everyone's A-Hole is black. Leave it to a petty american to make something from nothing. You're a cancer to this earth and you must be cut out.

Anonymous said...

Shane, the people in ur industry are the ones who made Williams more than what he is...trying to get an inside track on Tiger's troubles...blame yourself and your own for asking the question in the first place


First off, I absolutely agree that this is NOT racism. However, lets assume that you think that it is...

"it seems like the right time to show the caddie that he is frankly that, a caddie"

So you can not call a person black, who is black by the way, because that is racist. However, you can degrade him for being a caddie, that is totally acceptable.

Let me leave you with this. When you attempt to come off as taking the morale high ground you are essentially inviting to get the responses you have. They will be inflamed even more when you make inflammatory comments such as the one stated above.

So how about you show a little class, just as he did, and apologize publicly for the mistake you made. Degrading someone due to their chosen profession as the only purpose was as an Ad Hominem attack.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather be a caddie than a blogger. Take a shower and get a job, you no talent classist moron.

Anonymous said...

Why is that racist? Because he said black? Are you kidding? Is that all it takes to be labeled as a racist? If he woulda said "Die Nigger!!" as he chased him around w/ a noose, then I would say blatant racism, but in this situation statement I would call more of a personal grudge.

mashrlm said...

Saying that a black man has a black a--hole is not a racist comment. There are plenty of other adjectives that a true racist would have used. Good job being an influential media personality and using your ability only to stir up animosity. Your white hand could be writing real news instead of fueling the stupid racial debate. Sorry for being so racist!

MeanSonOfABit ch said...

Mr. Bacon,
When one uses an adjective to describe something/someone then it is for clarity. In your pathetic "story", which was an obvious attempt to make the boss think you're working, you have tried to ignite an issue of racial discord, thus exciting those who can't think beyond what they read in columns like yours (and other Yellow Journalists) and thus making you look good.
Why don't you try to stand above the twits that constantly try to make "stories out of situations" and do the opposite -- just report the FACTS and leave things as they are?? Whey you interject your opinions then it is actually you who, as in this matter, could be deemed as a "racist".
Mr. Andy Rooney just died -- try to take his place by using the same style and class that were his trademarks.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it, "If I were Scott..." and not "If I was Scott..."?

Anonymous said...

You metrosexuals look up the "Christian-Newsome" murders then lecture us about "racism". You know...someday the white race will actually produce MEN again. Go powder your pussies twinkle toes.

Cam said...

If you don't like what Shane has to say then don't come on his site and read his blog. It's that simple people.
I enjoy Shane's opinions so I come on this site and read his articles.
And to the people that are saying Steve is considered black in his country, I'm from New Zealand and have lived here my whole life. He is not considered black here.

Jay Mahal said...

Steve Williams have lready apologized though, no?

worried said...

applying common sense in the context of his statement, which obviously was deep with emotions, putting yourself there had tiger been white, would you reply in kind by saying that "white asshole" it dosen't even sound right, racist or not the bottom line was he wanted to infer a difference and to a lot that can be seen as racist, just say the same sentence and insert the word white, don't come off the same?

worried said...

applying a little common sense put yourself in the same situation, with the same apparent hurt feelings apply with the phrase "that white a-hole"? it doesnt even come off sounding cool or funny, think about it. the bottom line he wanted to infer a difference and wanted others to know that difference, racist or not he deliberatly specified the color of the a-hole put the other shoe on and let tiger say "that white a-hole...same feeling of tiger not be a racist? commonly you say " that dumb or stupid a-hole wouldn't you>.

worried said...

an update from my previous comment: my point is proven regarding steve williams remark of "that black a-hole could be taken as racist-point revisit his comments on phil mickelson not one comment, even in his response so often of "just having fun" did he ever utter the word WHITE, not in any regarding, specifically, or in any manner to enlighten the listener to phil's race. the point can be seen as to steve inference of "that black a-hole", attempting to infer a DIFFERENCE is the root of racism

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