Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ten Golfy Things I'm Thankful For

First, Happy Thanksgiving to all. Today is one of the best holidays of the year, because it involves food, football, and family. Enjoy it, eat up and don't worry about calorie count. Here are some golf things I'm thankful for!

That We Are Officially Past Talking about the Tiger Woods Scandal -- Well, after this sentence. I like that nearly all the talk about Tiger is strictly focused on his golf game (or lack thereof), and nothing really comes up about his personal life. He's a golfer! We're talking about golf! It's magical!

For This -- Because it shows that no matter how much money certain golfers get, they're all still huge nerds.

For the Lexus Champions for Charity Event -- I like charities, and I like golfing, and I especially like playing Pebble Beach, and for the second straight year, I was invited to hit up Monterey for their great event. Thanks to the Lexus people because it really is one of the best weeks of my year.

For People That Still Use 2-Irons -- I'm sorry, but I'm officially off the hybrid craze. I can't hit them, don't really like them, and just love the feel of a good, solid 2-iron. When others have them in their bags, it makes me just want to hug them.

For the Hot Dog Throwing Guy -- The only thing that would be dumber than throwing a hot dog at someone is if you decided to throw a balloon. We appreciate you for your stupidity.

That People Really Might Stop Inviting John Daly to Golf Tournaments -- It isn't that I have beef with Daly, it's just that I think someone needs to stop giving this guy a hand in everything if he isn't going to finish a dang tournament. It will probably be better for him in the long run as well.

For Sophie Gustafson -- This took real courage, and was probably my favorite thing to post all year.

For Someone at ESPN the Magazine Googling 'Belen Mozo' One Day -- Yes, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

That I Still Get to Golf With My Dad and Uncle -- No matter the round or course, anytime I get to play with my uncle or dad, it's the best round of the month.

For You, Dear Readers -- This little blog is fun for me, and I sure hope it's fun for you, but I thank each and every one of you for coming back time and time again to check out my rantings and ramblings. It isn't the smartest read on the web, and definitely not the most professional, but I have fun with it, and I really like hearing your feedback. Thank you. Come back. Tip your waitress (or mom).


Betsy Houseman said...

Shane, fantastic as always. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving! Hadn't seen the Sophie Gustafson video and powerful it is indeed.

Anonymous said...

It is my hope that we by this Tiger bit. I am tired of it. Tired of hearing how much money he makes, in fact I am tire of watching pro golf, pro football, basketball. Give these creeps money and they do not know how to use it. Most think they are a gift from God and that know one can touch them. They need to clean up their act and their bodies.

Guess I am just fed up with the nonsense most pros show when they are playing.