Friday, November 11, 2011

What a Tiger Woods Win Would Mean

It's human nature to get overly excited about prospects. You meet a cool girl and are instantly thinking about the future. You interview for a new job and know it's the next move in your life. You see your favorite football team made a good trade and think it's finally your team's time to shine.

So forgive me for expecting the unexpected at the Australian Open. Yes, "the unexpected" has become Tiger Woods winning a golf tournament. I was worried it might never happen again. I wasn't alone.

But after 36 windy holes, Tiger is atop the leaderboard at the President's Cup warm-up. He's played two great rounds of 68-67, and has done everything he used to do through two rounds short of holing a sneaky birdie putt on his final hole on Friday to add to his lead.

Yes, Tiger has done this to us before over the last two seasons. He played great at this year's Masters through 62 holes. He was leading the Chevron event in December of last year. We thought he might make a late charge at the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach.

But something about this feels different. He seems to have momentum. He's hitting good golf shots. He looks happy. He's newly motivated to make his old caddie the latest victim in the ongoing drama "Don't F*** With the Tiger."

If he wins, it really would turn the golf world on its side. The NFL would take a backseat. Penn State too. It would instantly make the Presidents Cup must-see TV for any sports fan that cares about comebacks, and really, isn't this the comeback we've all been waiting for?

I hope he keeps it up. It's nice to see him playing well and happy. For everything we've said negatively about Woods since his life fell apart, we never stopped cheering for Tiger Woods the golfer. He's the single most exciting guy in the game, and even if that's for worse more than it is for better, golf fans still selfishly want to squeeze as much out of his era as we can.

Tiger needs a win, and we need to see it. If nothing else, it sure would make those 2012 PGA Tour previews all the more appealing to read.

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Cee jay said...

No matter what happens through the next two rounds, Tiger is back ! It might be this week, it might be a couple of tournements from now.
but he is back.

As a lifelong golfer and fan I could not be happier.

Memo to some lubricant, you are going to need it!

Patricia Hannigan said...

Agreed! Tiger's game is definitely getting there. "\(*-*)/"

Anonymous said...

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