Friday, December 30, 2011

Tiger Woods is 36 Today, So Here Are Pictures of Him Over the Years

We here are celebrating Tiger Woods' 36th birthday, so we threw together a gallery of pictures of Tiger over the years. All courtesy of the great people at Getty Images. 

Tiger Woods in 1990, with mom and dad. 

Tiger Woods in 1992, at the L.A. Open.

Tiger in 1994, with U.S. Amateur trophy.

Tiger at the 1995 Masters. 

Tiger at the Scottish Open in 1995.

A familiar embrace with Earl after winning '95 U.S. Amateur. 

Tiger at the '96 Masters, with Fred Couples and Greg Norman.

The beginning of the fist pump, on his way to his third straight Amateur win in '96.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DTCC 2011 Recaps: The Dumbest Things That Happened in Golf

We did these same reviews a year ago, and figured they were a hit, so why not roll them out for 2011. Here are the dumbest things that happened in golf in 2011.

Padraig Harrington was disqualified from the Abu Dhabi Championship because he sort of, kind of moved his golf ball, continuing a tradition of really stupid rules in the game of golf.

Funny foreshadowing of the year for John Daly, who went on a rant in early January about how tournaments wouldn't invite him to play (namely, the WaMo and the Hope) only to piss off the Australians so much late in the year because he walked off the course that they said they'd never invite him back to play! A win-win of stupidity!

Speaking of Daly, he put a TV in his golf bag. Seriously. I'm assuming that's to count the strokes on holes when he doesn't know what he made.

Tiger Woods spit on a green and the entire freaking world went Skip Bayless on him, which was a little dramatic for my taste ( and here is a gallery of others golfer spitting so everyone could relax about it).

That thing Martin Kaymer wore at the Accenture.

Some PGA Tour wives pitched an idea to get a reality show going. No, I'm not kidding. If Tim Allen isn't the host of this, I'm going to be pissed.

Tiger Woods came out with an iPhone app that costs $10 and is supposed to help you swing better. If you are thinking this is a good idea, might I suggest you using the $10 for a hammer, and then hitting yourself repeatedly over the head with it?

Some dudes robbed a house in Augusta and then ran over to the most famous landmark in the city, Augusta National. Spoiler alert: they got caught.

Jerry Rice continues the "I can't break 80 in a golf tournament but I will continue to steal spots from real Nationwide Tour players" trend. I'm not a fan. (He went on to WD from his next attempt at the Nationwide Tour, making this whole thing even more ridiculous.)

A lot of people call it their Sweet Sixteenth. Those people are not Kevin Na, who made that number on a par-4 at the Valero Texas Open.

Maybe the dumbest thing of 2011 was the PGA Tour's idea to change Q-School.

This Tiger tweet.

Obtw, Rice wasn't the only former pro athlete that tried out the Nationwide Tour. So did John Smoltz. I had a lot to say about this as well.

Rory Sabbatini being Rory Sabbatini.

Rickie Fowler got in trouble for wearing his hat backwards AFTER he completed his round of golf. He does this practice during interviews to give his website some exposure. I suggested another thing for his head.

David Toms won the Players Championship this year in dramatic fashion (Note: dramatic in the sense that he didn't win). Sadly, locals in his hometown of Shreveport, La. didn't even get to see the end of the tournament.

Probably not the best way to drive a golf cart.

Hunter Mahan admitted his favorite band was Linkin Park.

NBC left out a part about God in the "Pledge of Allegiance" during their U.S. Open coverage and everyone in the world freaked the F out.

Bubba Watson's quotes from France: Called the Eiffel Tower "that big tower." Called Versailles "the castle we are staying next to." Called the Louvre "a building starting with L." Called the Arc de Triomphe "this arch I drove round in a circle" and also "the arch way." So, yeah.

A kid made an ace at the U.S. Junior Am, but because his group was playing slow, he got penalized and had to write it down as a birdie.

Rory McIlroy flipped out on Twitter at a BBC analyst.

The continued fun with headlines.

In hindsight, maybe Rory McIlroy should have taken a drop during the first round of the PGA Championship.

John W. Schierman.

Lee Janzen's golf clubs did not have a smooth flight to Vegas.

This guy wins for worst person of the year in the golf world.

Kevin Na whiffed on a drive, but was somehow not penalized for it, which was very strange.

Some guy threw a hot dog at Tiger Woods, making it the first time ever that Tiger wasn't the one throwing the hot dog around.

This picture.

And lastly, Callaway announced Justin Timberlake would be their new creative director of golf.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Don't Worry, Bubba Clause is Here

This was posted a year ago by the current worldwide sensation Bubba Watson, but it still entertains me. Hey, that's a pretty good slow motion Happy Gilmore if you ask me. Merry Christmas, everyone. Hope the holidays are treating you well.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Mike Whan Says What Everyone is Thinking

First, let's all agree on something; end of the year awards are always subjective. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason for most, and most are filler pieces to get golf writers and bloggers through the cold winter until Hawaii rolls around and our faded golf shirts are once again tossed into a suitcase. But when Golf Magazine, a great publication with a ton of talented people behind it, named Rory McIlroy (two worldwide wins in 2011 including a major) their Player of the Year over Yani Tseng (11 worldwide wins, two majors) it had a lot of people baffled (made even funnier that their own poll on their site had Yani win with 96 percent of the vote).

So leave it up to one of my favorite people in golf, LPGA commish Mike Whan, to give it to Golf Magazine in their latest edition.

“I am surprised and disappointed that the editors of Golf Magazine overlooked the 11 worldwide victories and two major championships that Rolex Rankings No. 1 Yani Tseng has compiled as of November 1 when choosing Golf Magazine’s Player of the Year.” 

“This season, she [Tseng] became the youngest player in history—male or female—to win five major championships at the age of 22. It’s unfortunate I have to write this letter."

“... total wins, total majors, records that transcend sport, and leadership in nearly every statistical category should have been more than enough for Golf Magazine to reach a very obvious conclusion.”

Good on Mike. You know what players want from a commissioner or a manager or a coach? Someone that will stand up for them when they get trashed or left out. That makes them feel wanted, and as most of us know, athletes are insecure individuals.

I applaud Mike for standing up and writing this. Someone really needed to call Golf Mag out on such an omission.

Getty Images

John Daly and a Guitar; Better Than Most!

Yes, I do know that "better than most" focused on another big name golfer, but when John Daly takes the stage in a coat made for Uncle Sam and murders "Knocking on Heaven's Door" you have to give the man props.

Also, he shot 65 in the first round of the Thailand Golf Championship.

(And in case you were confused, yes, those are golf lines he knocks out, but I actually enjoyed the "haven't made a putt in weeks" line. Probably holds true to both me and Mr. Daly.)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Checking In On Masters 2012 Odds

It is a slow time in the golf world, so why don't we check out some golf future odds that sites have set for the 2012 Masters? I know it isn't your fault that I have a gambling problem, but deal with it.

Since Tiger Woods won the Chevron, the numbers have changed, and frankly, they are fairly hilarious. Let us take a look at the odds to win the Masters this coming year.

Tiger Woods 11/2
Rory McIlroy 8/1
Phil Mickelson 12/1
Luke Donald 16/1
Lee Westwood 18/1
Adam Scott 28/1
Jason Day 28/1
Nick Watney 28/1
Dustin Johnson 33/1
Martin Kaymer 33/1
Sergio Garcia 33/1
Anthony Kim 40/1
Bubba Watson 40/1
Charl Schwartzel 40/1
Geoff Ogilvy 40/1
Hunter Mahan 40/1
K.J. Choi 40/1
Matt Kuchar 40/1
Rickie Fowler 40/1
Steve Stricker 40/1
Graeme McDowell 50/1
Ian Poulter 50/1
Jim Furyk 50/1
Justin Rose 50/1
Paul Casey 50/1
Angel Cabrera 66/1
Bill Haas 66/1
Ernie Els 66/1
Padraig Harrington 66/1
Retief Goosen 66/1
Fred Couples 100/1

Is there a single odd on that list that gets you excited? I wouldn't bet Tiger, Phil or Rory, and I sure wouldn't touch the Vegas attempt to make you think "oh, I know those guys" with the final four on this list.

Maybe Choi at 40/1? Or Bubba since he can hit that big cut? Who knows, but I do like looking at the numbers and seeing how they change over the next few months with certain surprises coming out in 2012.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Video: Sergio Garcia Not a Huge Fan of That Iron

When you are a professional golfer, golf clubs are free, and that is probably a good thing for Sergio Garcia, because he isn't a huge fan of them at times. There was this PGA Championship incident. And now, at the Thailand tournament, he let go a helicopter not seen this side of the Atlantic.

Garcia had already splashed a shot on the par-3 8th, and was forced to tee up again for par. That shot missed the green right and then his iron found the water left.

Enjoy ...

Other golf posts:
-- Justin Timberlake lands a job with Callaway? 
-- Read what Rory McIlroy's ex-girlfriend says about Rory.
-- What company decided to call their new driver Rocketballz?!

(Thanks to reader Corey for the tip.)

They're Bringing Bertha Back?! Justin Timberlake Adds 26th Job Title to Resume

Remember back in the days when all Justin Timberlake did was headline a really badass boy band group? Man, those were the days. Britney Spears was sexy. Justin Bieber wasn't alive, and the only question in the golf world was how many shots Tiger Woods was going to win by.

But the world is changing my friends. Timberlake is out on his own. He made Saturday Night Live relevant again. He actually forced people to watch Jimmy Fallon. He got to lay on a topless Mila Kunis (I'll never forgive you for this one, Timberlake ... never!). And now, he can add Creative Director of Callaway Golf to his Infinite Jest-length resume.

Yes, Callaway has named Timberlake creative director of their new RAZR line, and if you don't like that, why don't you just go cry me a river. I'd hate to say Callaway was losing their way with their clubs, but Timberlake is here to keep them relevant until the end of time. Justin, take it from here, my man! (if you can name how many JT hits were in the last paragraph, you get 5 minutes with JT and a bottle of scotch.)

Yes, Timberlake and Callaway, a match made in fedora-covered heaven. Enjoy, golfers.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rory McIlroy's Ex-Girlfriend, Shockingly, Not a Huge Fan of His New Girlfriend

When you break up with someone, there is always a party a little more hurt than the other (this is similar to how those whole "Friends With Benefits" ideas play out, except normal people can probably act better than Justin Timberlake). But when the breakup is public, and has a lot of famous people involved, the separation can drag on for months.

So it didn't surprise me to run across this interview in the Mirror with Rory McIlroy's ex-girlfriend, Holly Sweeney, who wasn't so happy to be let go for a famous tennis player.

I will just toss out some quotes from the interview with my own thoughts in parenthesis.

"I never thought he would do this to me." (Yeah, a famous athlete leaving you for someone more famous! A revelation similar to King Tut's tomb!)

"It killed me - that's why I went away to Dubai as soon as we split up, so I didn't have to look or think about it. "But when you're on a beach with nothing to take your mind off things, it still crops up. So you couldn't get away from it no matter what you did, it was still all over Twitter as well. So even if I was trying to take my mind off it, it still snuck its way back in." (Note to people over the age of 22 reading; I feel like the words 'Twitter' and 'Facebook' will really be involved in just about any relationship decision over the next 15-20 years. Just warning you.)

"I always suspected he had a thing for her. He's always been a big fan of tennis. When he was watching the women's games he always said he fancied her but I didn't take it that seriously - little did I know." (Nice job, Rory. Nothing like sitting around telling your current girlfriend which famous athlete you'd like to bag, and actually having the outlet to do so.)

"I have to put the blame on him for what has happened but obviously I'm not her biggest fan ever." (Neither are Grand Slams ... heyyyy-o!)

"Then he got home, went straight to see the dogs instead of me, dodged me when he came through the door and then sat me down and told me that he met with her in Germany and that he wanted to see how it would go with her." (In case you are wondering, this interview probably isn't going to run over at

"I suppose I chose the theme cause I have a very dry sense of humour - it was just me taking the mickey out of myself. People can say I was venting anger or having a sneaky dig but I was just having a laugh at my expense." (How can you leave an attractive girl that says things like 'taking the mickey out of me' and 'sneaky dig'? She's awesome!)

Getty Images

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why is TaylorMade's New Clubs Called RocketBallz?

If you haven't heard, TaylorMade just released a golf club called RocketBallz. Yes, that is the name, and while it might seem a little strange, there is a story behind it.

From their press release:

CARLSBAD, Calif. (December 13, 2011) – The name RocketBallz is a truly unique part of TaylorMade’s newest product franchise and draws upon inspiration from an engineering dream first realized in a prototype Rescue clubhead. 

In search of the first significant fairway wood innovation in relation to COR and ball speed since the introduction of steel construction in the 1980s, TaylorMade developed and discovered advancements that, collectively, produced RocketBallz technology. “If you can come up with a name that does a good job of defining what the experience of a product could be, that’s exactly the scenario you want,” said Sean Toulon, Executive Vice President. “Product names come from all over the place but typically they’ll come from marketing, product marketing and sales. Never before has one come from R&D.” 

Not unlike many early product prototypes, the first RocketBallz metalwood was rigid, unfashionable and unrefined but its performance was truly incredible. Taken to a handful of TaylorMade Tour Staff professionals for testing, the launch conditions and increased distance it produced were remarkably consistent and immediately unmistakable. The characteristics of the prototype’s performance were best captured in a single analogy as described over and over – “like a rocket.” 

“I brought the prototype out to some players and Dustin Johnson was the first one to test it,” said Todd Chew, Tour Product Specialist. “He’s unbelievably long, as we all know, but he was just blown away by how far the Rescue was going. Dustin said a couple of times, ‘It’s like a rocket.’” 

When the prototype returned from initial field testing, TaylorMade’s engineers took the creative liberty to etch the name, “RocketBallz,” into both the CAD model and the sole of the prototype clubhead. The etching, similar to the fashion in which the prototype performed, was raw, aggressive and far-removed from the alphanumeric naming conventions normally associated with such product developments.

So, there you have it. Once we get our hands on one of these bad boys, we will tell you how it performs, but for now, just be glad the latest golf club isn't just a random assortment of numbers and letters.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Pebble Peregrinating -- The Losers

All week, I will be out at Pebble Beach, playing golf, soaking in the sun, and enjoying the incredible function that is Lexus' Champions for Charity (#lexusc4c). These are my ramblings throughout the week.

Nobody likes to lose. Nobody. There are people that aren't passionate about winning, and those that just never really caught the competitive bug, but at some point, losing gets to you, and it stinks.

That was what I previously believed. After spending a couple of days with a few guys from Chicago, I changed my mind. Why? Because when you are playing Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill and Spanish Bay off a lucky $100 raffle, nobody is losing, even when you are.

See, the Lexus Champions for Charity event is a two-person best ball event that pits you and 80 percent of your handicap up against everyone else. If you place the year before, you get only 60 percent of your handicap the next year. All the proceeds you win go to the charity of your choice, and along with that, there are other random events throughout the week that can toss money at your charity (During the wine tasting, a Seattle-based wife got picked to donate $1000 to her charity). Golf is intense but fun, competitive but light-hearted.

The event is just as much about the people as it is about the golf courses. Sure, getting your name pulled out of a hat to win a trip to golf's 5th Avenue isn't a bad deal, but it is still about more than just you and your trip. You meet people that have similar interests. Almost everyone is in vacation mode, enjoying the week and the hotel and the courses and checking your scores with the same conviction that you'd have when reading the latest ramblings on The Daily

But back to our Chicago boys for a minute. Two men with what looked like smiles permanently plastered on their faces, just realizing quickly just how lucky that had gotten by landing in this spot. Yes, some of the auctions for this event can reach a down payment on your own Lexus, but to win it in a raffle is truly a blessing in disguise.

So came the Thursday night scores. Each evening, the great people at Octagon print out all the scores for people to read over a crisp glass of Chardonnay or a smooth sniffer of scotch. And our boys started checking the sheet. And check. And flipping. Not on the first page. Not quite on the second. And sadly, not on the third. But the good thing is, there were a few unfortunate souls printing on the back page of these stapled sheets, and our guys found themselves smack dab on the last page of competitors. I came back from a drink run, asked respectfully what place they were in, and proudly, both smiled and answered, "Well, we aren't in last." Turns out, they were in second to last. And meet the last place people the next day on their bus ride to Spanish Bay.

Did finding themselves near the bottom of an even with four pages of competitors bother either of them? Absolutely not. If nothing else, it gave them just that much more motivation for next year. I know they're already searching for those plane tickets.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pebble Peregrinating -- Back to Reality

All week, I will be out at Pebble Beach, playing golf, soaking in the sun, and enjoying the incredible function that is Lexus' Champions for Charity (#lexusc4c). These are my ramblings throughout the week.

Nothing is really as depressing as the day you have to leave from something incredibly special. I'm sure people feel this way on Honeymoons, when the day you leave is really the first day of the rest of your life and the excitement of everything that just went down is finally over. For me, the wheels coming up at the Monterey Airport was, for the second straight year, a somber moment, mostly because it's tough to be somewhere so special, with so many great people, and then leave it.

That said, I couldn't have had a better time. The people at Lexus and Octagon make Champions for Charity a must-visit, and throughout the next few days, I will have different posts highlighting those things. But before I get back to recounting the week, I must say that it's pretty remarkable that an event could raise over $30 million for charity as Champions did this year and be so much fun for everyone involved. Pebble Beach is a special place, and everyone that comes to the event can't wait to get back.  Seeing their faces, and reactions, and talking to all the people involved really made me appreciate this year even more than last, because I feel I really could see the fun they were having while helping an incredible cause. 

One of the funniest moments of the week came on Thursday night, when I was talking to a couple of great guys from Chicago. They still had two more days of golf left, but the only thing they could think about in between laughs and jokes about their score was what the heck they had to do to get back next year. Today begins that journey for them, and hopefully, for you. Trust me when I say this; finding a way to the event in 2012 will be one of the smartest things you can do for yourself, and for others. It should be on your Bucket List, and hopefully, maybe, I'll be there to have a glass of wine with you and just enjoy life in a fairytale land. 

More to come on Monday. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pebble Peregrinating -- The Other Side of Fun

All week, I will be out at Pebble Beach, playing golf, soaking in the sun, and enjoying the incredible function that is Lexus' Champions for Charity (#lexusc4c). These are my ramblings throughout the week.

Think about this for a second; you're a golfer who writes (or a writer who golfs, whichever way you'd like to hook it), and you get invited to a charity golf event at Pebble Beach. "Pebble Freakin' Beach?!," you scream into the phone. Of course you're in. Now imagine you're one of the participants in the Lexus Champions for Charity, and you get the opportunity to spend early December at the place every golfer wants to spend any month; Pebble, Spyglass and Spanish. You jump at the opportunity faster Lee Trevino cracking jokes. But you have one problem; what the heck are you going to do with the misses?

The good news is, Lexus is one step ahead of you, and on Thursday, I got to experience it. Call it one man, 75 wives, and wine.

Buses took all the companions to a restaurant named 1833 (the year the adobe building was constructed) and showed them exactly what it means to be included in something great. Wines, food, mixologists and even an absinthe bar (well, two absinthes bars ... forgive my memory) were all parts of the other side of this great event. What did I do? Well, what any guy is supposed to do in that situation. I mingled.

Also, I got to know people. There were visitors in from Seattle, happy to be out of that weather and excited to donate to a good cause. You had Fort Wayne, Indiana, Chicago and, of course, Scottsdale.

The funny thing about hanging out with a bunch of wives for a day, doing something completely different than what you'd expect when you come to a thing like this, is you get a good sense of just what they're here for. It isn't anything more or less than fun, food and generosity. The day focused on a winner of a donation to their local charity and then buses back to the hotel for rest and another night out with their now friends. Things like this create companionships because people are all here for similar reasons, and most of them have similar interests. I ran into a group of three ladies that were all chatting like best friends, only to find out a year ago they had met here and still keep in touch. This was their reunion. All for charity. Not bad, eh?

(Also, there is a picture of my mixology drink after the jump ... you can tell how good I am at mixing.)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

To Pebble I Go, I Go (Part Deux)

A year ago, I wrote this same headline, as I took my first trip to Pebble Beach thanks to the fine people at Lexus and their great charity, Champions for Charity, that hosts the big event each December at the home of golf in America. My recap of the event from last year is right here, and I will be bringing you stories, recaps, and just about everything else right here all week. Check back, enjoy the sun, and I'm sorry I'm there and you aren't. Don't hate me (and I mean you, dad!). 

A year ago, on a cold morning, I stood on the 18th tee at Pebble Beach expected to hit my first drive of the day. Barely any range time, an early morning and eyes as wide as a Michael Bourn lead at first base, the first shot I was asked to hit on the most beautiful golf course in the world was on the most famous hole at that golf course; No. 18. The par-5 is magnificent because of two beauties, both natural and man-made. You stand on the 18th tee, with waves crashing against rocks on a hole that wraps around the ocean, and can't decide if you want to look at what God set before us, or what some incredible architect did with houses too rich for even the man upstairs. It's a hole that really can't be explained, only experienced, and that was the hole I was starting on. Good luck.

See, Pebble is a smart golf course. You start your round on a couple of holes that don't exactly have you foaming at the mouth. Sure, they're fun golf holes, but like St. Andrews, they just warm you up. To be fair, your first experience to 17-Mile Drive needs a little buffering. The beauty, the money, the golf courses and the history are all things that pile on you as you're trying to figure out just how the hell I got here to begin with.

It makes me realize how lucky I am. Not just with the experience itself, both an incredible time for a cause that has raised over $200 million for charity over the years, but for what I've been given. A good family. Hilarious friends. A golf swing that doesn't break down nearly as much as I think it should. Driving near the Lone Cypress nearly forces you to have those movie moments where you just stare out at the sea and wonder what left-turns in life brought you to this spot.

I'm thankful for what I get to do, but I don't always think I express it. Life sometimes rolls you seven and sometimes rolls you craps, and that is true for everyone, but it's times like these that you have to embrace the seven and try to remember it. Trust me, it's way easier to remember the beats.

Flying to Pebble Beach for a second year in a row is something I never thought would be possible the day I signed up for Blogger and started throwing up words on the Internet. It has turned into this, and it makes me appreciate everything just that much more. Champions for Charity is an event way bigger than I. I'm just glad they've allowed me the opportunity to share the little part of it I'll get to see with the rest of you.

More when I get to Spanish Bay. I'll see if I can get a quote from the bagpiper.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Golfers Will Literally Do Anything If You Ask

I mean, just look at this picture. What the hell? Don't golfers have the ability to say no? "No thanks," Rory said, "I'd rather not do that."

Rory vs. Luke! For Richest Person Of That Other Tour That is In That Continent That Starts With E! I'm on the edge of my seat!!!

Getty Images

Your Q-School Survivors; Who Doesn't Want to Die This Tuesday

PGA Tour Q-School is one of the most grueling events in sports. No, it isn't running an Ironman or competing in a nasty game in Lambeau in December, but it is six days of golf where you're not only going up against tons of other dream-hungry players, but you're also going up against your mind. Here are the 29 fellas that will be full-time PGA Tour members next season.

1.) Brendon Todd -- (Age: 26) -- He's the only guy that in red figures in all six rounds, a pretty incredible accomplishment for one of the Georgia boys that struggled mightily on the Nationwide Tour this past year.

2.) Stephen Gangluff -- (36) -- One of the surprise finishers at Q-School, Gangluff was one of the few to take full advantage of a calm third round, firing a 64 that helped him get full status.

3.) Bobby Gates -- (25) -- Probably my story of the year at Q-School, Gates three-putted his final hole at Disney earlier this season to finish 126 on the money list, one spot out of a renewal on the PGA Tour for 2012. No worries, he played some great golf, and earned his way back with the big boys the hard way.

4.) Seung-yul Noh -- (20) -- The youngest of all the newbies on tour, Noh finished bogey-quadruple bogey in his fifth round, but gave himself enough cushion the first four days to where it didn't matter.

5.) Tommy Biershenk -- (38) -- One of the rookies in the class of graduates, Biershenk showed some nerves on Monday with double-bogeys on both closing holes of his inward and outward nine holes, but there was neve any doubt he'd get his card with his play over the first five days.

6.) Vaughn Taylor -- (35) -- If the name looks familiar, it should, because Taylor has two career PGA Tour wins and needed Q-School to bounce back from a crummy year where he made just 10 of 27 cuts.

7.) Jarrod Lyle -- (30) -- You might remember him from this a season ago?

8.) Bob Estes -- (45) -- A nice closing stretch for the four-time Tour winner, who shot 69-67 to jump from outside the group to in it.

9.) Brian Harman -- (24) -- Probably the rookie I'm most excited to see on the PGA Tour, Harman, a fellow southpaw, has always been a hyped young man that just needs more control of his emotions to really break out and be as good as some expect.

10.) Marco Dawson -- (48) -- Nobody wants to be an expect in Q-School, but if there was someone you'd want to listen to about the trials and tribulations of this nasty tournament, it's Dawson. The guy has played final stage eleven damn times. Yikes.

11.) Sang Moon-Bae -- (25) -- I'm a fan of anyone with "Moon" in their name. "Sang" also helps.

12.) Kevin Kisner -- (27) -- He look, another Georgia boy! Kisner imitated the final two rounds of Estes to get his card after a struggle on the PGA Tour in 2011.

13.) Roberto Castro -- (26) -- He improved his status. Also, I wouldn't screw with this guy.

14.) William McGirt -- (32) -- A struggle at the end of his season had McGirt finish 141 on the PGA Tour money list, but he will be back after great play at PGA West.

15.) Jeff Maggert -- (47) -- One of three Aggies to get through Q-School. I'm just hoping nobody fires their swing coach after all this.

16.) Charlie Beljan -- (27) -- Gateway Tour shoutout! Beljan was basically the Yani Tseng of my old tour the last two years, and just seemed destined to be on the PGA Tour.

17.) Harris English -- (22) -- The qualifier most critics are raving over, English is a true fresh face, with no PGA Tour starts ever, but he can bomb the ball and makes everything, and already has a Nationwide Tour win under his belt as an amateur.

18.) Patrick Sheehan -- (42) -- When you close 66-67, you probably deserve a spot with the big boys.

19.) Scott Dunlap -- (48) -- In his PGA Tour career, Dunlap has made 96 of 184 starts. That's the only exciting thing I could find about Scott Dunlap.

20.) Greg Owen -- (39) -- You know how everyone thinks England is overtaking the golf world? Ha! Owen was the only Englishman to make it through Q-School. Take that, Queen!

21.) Daniel Summerhays -- (28) -- Jhonny Vegas bumped him last year as "most times I will misspell a name," but Summerhays is back for more.

22.) Will Claxton -- (30) -- I liked his profile picture for the week the most of anyone. Photog -- "Okay Will, that last one was great, but can you give me just a hair more serial rapist? Okay, great!"

23.) Edward Loar -- (37) -- Rookie alert, rookie alert! Loar was initially going to get invited to the PGA Tour, but was snuffed out by two SEC players. (Oklahoma State joke!)

24.) Mark Anderson -- (25) -- Another one of those "improving your status" guys.

25.) Alexandre Rocha -- (34) -- It must be really strange to be from Brazil, where every woman in the world is amazing and the place is great, and decide to play college golf, only to find yourself landing in Starkville, Mississippi. But, hey, they do call Starkville the Sao Paulo of Northeast Mississippi.

26.) Richard H. Lee -- (24) -- Dude went Tiger at Chevron on Monday, making birdies on his final two holes to secure his card.

27.) John Huh -- (21) -- Huh was 9-under heading into the final hole, but his approach shot came up short in the drink and he made a bogey. His expression looked like he'd miss it by a shot, but the scores came back to him, and the second youngest of the qualifiers got in.

28.) Nathan Green -- (36) -- He has a PGA Tour win. He's also from Australia.

29.) Colt Knost -- (26) -- Talk about hanging on by your teeth. Knost came into his final hole at 10-under and well within the top-25, but his tee shot found the water, his third shot well left of the green, and his bogey putt came up a dimple short of dropping. The double-bogey looked like he might be a shot out, but lucky for Knost it wasn't, and he will be a full-time member in 2012.

Monday, December 5, 2011

I'd Like the Tiger, With a Side of Mashed Potatoes

"Get in the hole" is one of the most tired sayings in the history of sports. It ranks right up there with "if the playoffs started today ..." (but they don't, so it doesn't matter ... like at all) and when announcers remind us constantly that a challenge must have inconclusive evidence to be overturned (we know).

So it's nice to see someone go with another thing when the most popular golfer in the world is teeing off. That's what happened to Tiger Woods, who hit his tee shot on the 72nd hole at the Chevron World Challenge only to have a spectator go with a different sort of cheer.

Watch ...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Video: Tiger Woods Makes Putt to Win Chevron World Challenge

And here is the video of the win for Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods Is Back In the Winner's Circle

"Allow me to re-introduce myself, My name is HOV, H to the O-V, I used to move snowflakes by the O.Z., I guess even back then you can call me, C.E.O of the R.O.C HOV, Fresh out the frying pan into the fire ..."

For the past two years, Tiger Woods was far from invisible. Anytime we write something about him or bring up his name, everyone has an opinion. He's one of the few golfers that has allowed himself to be more than the game, but the funny thing, for the last 700-and-some-odd weeks he was just that, anything but golf.

That was, until Sunday at a tournament with only 17 other players in it. Critics will call it a silly season event or not a real golf tournament, but winning is winning, no matter who you're playing, and the lineup for the Chevron event was far from a Hooters Tour event. Tiger had to beat a Masters champion, a U.S. Open champion and a host of other young players you've heard of more than you should. He took out Kuchar, Casey and Mahan. But more importantly, he took out the guy that has been the biggest hindrance to Tiger Woods anytime he'd get near the lead; himself.

Tiger didn't have his best stuff on Sunday. Really, nobody did. Woods cursed after swings and dropped clubs and let opportunities slip away. But the moment he needed something to happen, he rose to the occasion and delivered. Not since 2009 was Tiger able to birdie the final two holes of a golf tournament and win the damn thing, but he did it, fist-pumps and all.

Does a win really mean that Tiger is "back"? For some, winning the Chevron wouldn't do that, but for Tiger, this was what he needed. It was the a can of "Red Bull" to a career that, frankly, needed wings. Woods' ability to close out golf tournaments was a thing of beauty for the first part of his career, but Tiger was never much from chasing down players. After extending his lead to two shots on the back nine on Sunday, Tiger let it all fall back to Zach Johnson, but he never stopped fighting, and his birdies on 17 and 18 showed that he can still find another gear when he needs it.

Tiger isn't really reintroducing himself to us at all, but he is reintroducing everyone to his golf clubs. It's nice to see, and makes the 2012 season all the more exciting.

Getty Images

Video: Solid Finish, Zach Johnson

The weird thing about golf is that they say no matter how you go, or great you played, you could always do better. Like poker, it seems easier to remember those holes you hacked it around on than the ones where you played them perfectly.

But for Zach Johnson on Saturday at the Chevron Challenge, it will be tough not to remember his final shot of the day, from 161-yards with a 7-iron. Watch, and know that when you record an eagle on 18, it was a good day.

Friday, December 2, 2011

ShoeGate is Solved!

On Thursday at Sherwood, Tiger Woods shot a 3-under 69. He nearly whiffed a golf shot in his round. But that wasn't what everyone was talking about. No, it was ShoeGate!

Yes, Tiger switched from white to black shoes in the middle of his round, and it was the story that lead Sportscenter. Why did he do it? Is that cheating? Was Marty Hackel somehow involved?!

Tiger explained after the round so this could all be settled.

"I was tying my shoes on 10 and one of the eyes where it kind of goes through snapped, so I didn't want to play with it, so I had the black pair sent out." 

Q. You had them sent out? 

TIGER WOODS: They were in my locker. Thank you. Appreciate it.

Always check back here for the hard-hitting golf journalism (and if you get a minute, check out directstartv).

Getty Images

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tiger, That's Not How You Do It

I'll say this, if a golf course has rough thick enough to make Tiger Woods nearly whiff a shot out of it, you've got some serious rough (you paying attention, Congressional?).

On Thursday at the Chevron, Tiger found himself in the rough on the 9th hole, and tried to muscle it out. Sadly, it didn't go very far, and the video is below. Watch, be amazed, and try not to hurt your wrist.

The good news is, Tiger still shot a 3-under 69 and is currently tied for second. The bad news is one of the guys playing behind Tiger rolled his ankle in that divot.

h/t Devil Ball