Saturday, December 17, 2011

Checking In On Masters 2012 Odds

It is a slow time in the golf world, so why don't we check out some golf future odds that sites have set for the 2012 Masters? I know it isn't your fault that I have a gambling problem, but deal with it.

Since Tiger Woods won the Chevron, the numbers have changed, and frankly, they are fairly hilarious. Let us take a look at the odds to win the Masters this coming year.

Tiger Woods 11/2
Rory McIlroy 8/1
Phil Mickelson 12/1
Luke Donald 16/1
Lee Westwood 18/1
Adam Scott 28/1
Jason Day 28/1
Nick Watney 28/1
Dustin Johnson 33/1
Martin Kaymer 33/1
Sergio Garcia 33/1
Anthony Kim 40/1
Bubba Watson 40/1
Charl Schwartzel 40/1
Geoff Ogilvy 40/1
Hunter Mahan 40/1
K.J. Choi 40/1
Matt Kuchar 40/1
Rickie Fowler 40/1
Steve Stricker 40/1
Graeme McDowell 50/1
Ian Poulter 50/1
Jim Furyk 50/1
Justin Rose 50/1
Paul Casey 50/1
Angel Cabrera 66/1
Bill Haas 66/1
Ernie Els 66/1
Padraig Harrington 66/1
Retief Goosen 66/1
Fred Couples 100/1

Is there a single odd on that list that gets you excited? I wouldn't bet Tiger, Phil or Rory, and I sure wouldn't touch the Vegas attempt to make you think "oh, I know those guys" with the final four on this list.

Maybe Choi at 40/1? Or Bubba since he can hit that big cut? Who knows, but I do like looking at the numbers and seeing how they change over the next few months with certain surprises coming out in 2012.


Mark said...

A bit insulting to Donald considering he's so far ahead of everyone else right now.

I'm sure he'll have a good chuckle about it though.

Michael said...

There is a lot of speculations in press and on the 'net about Tiger's return: Is he returning or not ?
I thing the list above leaves no doubts - Yes, he is !

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