Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pebble Peregrinating -- The Other Side of Fun

All week, I will be out at Pebble Beach, playing golf, soaking in the sun, and enjoying the incredible function that is Lexus' Champions for Charity (#lexusc4c). These are my ramblings throughout the week.

Think about this for a second; you're a golfer who writes (or a writer who golfs, whichever way you'd like to hook it), and you get invited to a charity golf event at Pebble Beach. "Pebble Freakin' Beach?!," you scream into the phone. Of course you're in. Now imagine you're one of the participants in the Lexus Champions for Charity, and you get the opportunity to spend early December at the place every golfer wants to spend any month; Pebble, Spyglass and Spanish. You jump at the opportunity faster Lee Trevino cracking jokes. But you have one problem; what the heck are you going to do with the misses?

The good news is, Lexus is one step ahead of you, and on Thursday, I got to experience it. Call it one man, 75 wives, and wine.

Buses took all the companions to a restaurant named 1833 (the year the adobe building was constructed) and showed them exactly what it means to be included in something great. Wines, food, mixologists and even an absinthe bar (well, two absinthes bars ... forgive my memory) were all parts of the other side of this great event. What did I do? Well, what any guy is supposed to do in that situation. I mingled.

Also, I got to know people. There were visitors in from Seattle, happy to be out of that weather and excited to donate to a good cause. You had Fort Wayne, Indiana, Chicago and, of course, Scottsdale.

The funny thing about hanging out with a bunch of wives for a day, doing something completely different than what you'd expect when you come to a thing like this, is you get a good sense of just what they're here for. It isn't anything more or less than fun, food and generosity. The day focused on a winner of a donation to their local charity and then buses back to the hotel for rest and another night out with their now friends. Things like this create companionships because people are all here for similar reasons, and most of them have similar interests. I ran into a group of three ladies that were all chatting like best friends, only to find out a year ago they had met here and still keep in touch. This was their reunion. All for charity. Not bad, eh?

(Also, there is a picture of my mixology drink after the jump ... you can tell how good I am at mixing.)


seak said...

Hey Shane, is the golfing portion of the Lexus men only?

Shane B. said...

No not at all ... just a lot of the wives don't play, so this is an option for them.

seak said...

Ok, got it, thanks it seemed a little odd that it would be, and some of us women like golf and wine :)

No husbands along on the wine tasting?

Shane B. said...

Seak, sadly, I was the only male testing the vinos ... and I have to say, that isn't something I complained about.