Wednesday, January 4, 2012

12 Things That Will Happen in 2012 (Which Probably Won't Happen)

Predicting things is dumb. Predicting things in golf is even dumber. So, obviously I'm going to predict some stuff. Take these things to the bank!!

1.) Tiger Woods will win a major. I really actually think this will happen. I like him at Augusta (obviously), and really think he can outthink most of the guys at Olympic Club, so I think he has a good chance. That is, unless he tries to hit a shot from under a tree and breaks his knee again. In that case, I retract this statement.

2.) Bubba Watson will continue to win -- I think he wins three times this season. I just like where he's at with his golf game, and I think he starts this week in Hawaii.

3.) Kyle Stanley will win twice -- I just have a hunch on this one. Plus, Kyle is really, really good. So that helps.

4.) Phil Mickelson will continue to struggle. Oh, and his shirts will continue to be a size and a half too small.

5.) Michelle Wie will have a monster season. Call it a hunch, but I think Stanford being in her rear view will be huge for Michelle, and the second part of the LPGA season will be hers to dominate.

6.) Luke Donald won't win both the money titles. THIS ONE IS A SPOILER ALERT!

7.) The majors will continue to be won by first-time winners. That is, about 75 percent of them. I think Tiger will snag one, as I said above, but I think most of them will be won by guys that have never won before. It's just too hard to win multiple majors right now and there are too many good players that can catch fire and hang on to win.

8.) There will be more 20-somethings winners than any other age this season. That's right, the youngsters are going to dominate!

9.) Sergio Garcia or Adam Scott will win a major. One of the two, just not sure which one. The good news is, stubble rules this one.

10.) The Americans will not win the Ryder Cup this year. The veterans are getting older, and the Europeans are getting tougher. I think this will be another Euro win.

11.) Johnny Miller and Nick Faldo in a booth will cause the moon to shift just a little. Bet on this. Free money.

12.) I will not qualify for the U.S. Open. Bummer on this one, for sure.

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John said...

"Adam Scott will win a major. Adam Scott, I'm sure. Just him."


chris_villasenor said...

Shane's crush on Michelle Wie will dominate the ENTIRE LPGA season this year. #cantsayiblameyou

Anonymous said...

Hell we all go thru some type of thing with women. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzit's been happening for centuries.Get over it.

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