Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Matt Every Was the Story of the Weekend

Normally the Hawaii golf swing brings us little to no breaking news. It's a nice time for champions to go on a vacation (and normally injury something) and rookies to get their season going at a nice course with beautiful weather. 

But the Sony Open provided us with some early season drama. First, came the unfortunate, and unprofessional, interview by one Kelly Tilghman. The go-to pun champion for the Golf Channel grilled first round leader Matt Every about his run-in with the law two years ago about marijuana possession, a crime these days that should be looked at the same as jaywalking. Sure, I know golf is a conservative sport, and any crime is a big deal (hell, Jeff Overton being drunk in public raised the golf world's eyebrows last season), but having weed on your person? That stuff is basically legal in most parts of the country, and while I hate drugs all together, I don't fault people for doing this, and especially someone that got in trouble for it two years ago! 

I thought the interview was a weak attempt at making a headline, and even worse, a terrible character move. You have a few minutes with a young kid happy as hell he's playing some good golf, and that's the place you move to? Could you imagine if Tilghman did this to Tiger Woods this season about the fire hydrant situation? It would never happen. 

On top of that, Every used that above putter all week that looked like he was putting with a dominoes case. Seriously, I nearly tweeted, "How high was Every when he made the decision to use that putter," but figured after the Tilghman stuff people might not catch my obvious sarcasm. 

The sad part about all this Tilghman stuff is that some at the Golf Channel blamed the internet (and Twitter!) for going up against their anchor. I don't mind anyone defending a coworker or friend, but to blame people for being upset that a golfer got bombarded for no reason by an interviewer with what obviously was no pre-interview preparation was very weak by my accounts, and obviously everyone else. 

I'll say this; I take stands on Twitter occasionally and 99.9 percent of the time have about half the people agree and half the people call me a moron. On this one, everyone thought the approach was bad taste. 

(Also, if you want a good transcript of the interview, check out Wall's GolfTube post from Monday.) 

Getty Images


seak said...

The Tiger analogy is horrible, he's been asked by golf press about fire hydrant ad naseum.

OMG marijuana, seriously I don't care, but he got suspended by the PGA tour for 3 months which cost him his tour card. This was his first event back after a year or purgatory no NTW tour as a result. That makes it part of his golf story. It won't be relevant next time he's in the spotight, and if he gets asked I'll be the first one up in arms, but the first time back its relevant and part of the story.

Will o'the Glen said...

Shane, if you are such a hot-shot sports journalist, you would know that Kelly Tilghman didn't ambush Matt Every with the subject of his pot bust – he brought it up himself in the press tent while being interviewed after his round. I'm not Ms Tilghman's biggest fan, but I'll defend her in this case. She was within her rights to ask him about it because he brought it up (and she was probably tipped to it by a producer).

mcj said...

It was certainly poor taste to bring up such a neg. subj. when the guy had his head in a good place. What a downer conversation, boo! to Kelly she should know better. I dont think she touts herself as an investigative reporter, leave it to the regular media, keep yourself above it. Bad choice

Ray said...

Every was obviously trying to rebuild his image and doing a bit for the environment by recycling an old video cassette on the end of a putter shaft. Hats off to him I reckon.

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