Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tiger Woods is Already Annoyed By Your Hank Haney Book Questions

There are plenty of reasons for Tiger Woods to think the Hank Haney upcoming book is ridiculous. He already said how disappointed he was about it, but as with anything in the spotlight, the questions won't stop.

Woods was asked at his Tuesday press conference at the Abu Dhabi event about the Haney book once more, and his answers seemed more defensive about the question than the actual book being released next month.

"Certainly it's something that I have to deal with. I get asked at press conferences what these guys have done, and that's just part of it," he said. "Am I disappointed? Yes. Frustrated? Certainly, because I have to answer the questions. ... So I've answered them and I guess I'll have to continue doing it. Hopefully, this will come to an end." 

Things didn't stop there. Tiger was then asked later in the press conference if he, "ever think Hank could write a book about you?" He simply responded, "No." Then, the reporter followed that up with, "and why not," which he responded, "I don't know."

And the same reporter followed that up with a question on if this forces Tiger to not trust people as much as he used to, which he responded, "One might say that."

The best part? One more reporter stuffed his finger into the bullet wound that is the Haney book, asking what is so wrong about a book about Tiger's golf swing. Tiger answered, curtly, "I think I've answered all the questions already on that."

The thing is, Tiger must understand these questions won't stop. They won't. Like, at all. Expect questions lobbed your way about the Haney book up until the Masters, and maybe after.

The book isn't being released until March 27, so you'll definitely get some at Pebble Beach and then even more will flood your way after people get their hands on this paperback. Don't blame the media. It's your old teacher who is stirring the pot.

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Unknown said...

Tiger, it won't change until you change your attitude. You are exciting to watch when you play well. I'd rather watch dog poop harden than watch you whine when you are asked q'? about the way you've conducted your life. You had everything except morals and a personality in front of the world and your fans.
I hope, for your sake you find redemption. Jesus is the only one who can truly forgive you. My prayers are with you.

Unknown said...

Tiger, it won't change until you change your attitude. You are exciting to watch when you play well. I'd rather watch dog poop harden than watch you whine when you are asked q's? about the way you've conducted your life. You had everything except morals and a personality in front of the world and your fans.
I hope, for your sake you find redemption. Jesus is the only one who can truly forgive you. My prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Poor Tiger... to bad we can't air everyones dirty landry on the tour. WE ALL KNOW that would be a hug list. Golf tries to put up the air like their perfect gentalmen / ladies. LOL... ask anyone how knows anything what happens on the tour.

J.R. Clark said...

Tiger! Just say "no comment" EVERY time reporters ask an impertinent question. They will eventually stop asking.

Will o'the Glen said...

The questions being asked are not impertinent, they are quite relevant. TW has made himself into this giant media attraction in order to earn big $$. It worked very, VERY well for a number of years, until his grossly deficient personality caught up with him -- and now he whines about the inevitable questions that come as a result of the collateral effects of his fame (and later, infamy).

If he were more P.R. savvy, he would decline comment on the Haney book until its contents are known. If it's just about the mechanics of his golf swing, and how they changed under Haney's tutleage, what's to whine about? If it's a gossipy tell-all (which I very much doubt it will be…), then whine -- but it's not like he doesn't deserve all the consequences that have fallen down around him.

I don't see why they even bother to put him up on the podium in a press conference. He never says anything substantial, and then gets all whiny and annoyed when he is pressed for real answers. I'd rather listen to political debate than a TW (non-)interview.

J.R. Clark said...

All the more reason why Tiger should start saying "no comment" and continue it. Why give reporters and commentators any material to work with?

scrub said...

Tiger,all these people know you so well,they can make up bulls--t and you dont have to take it.Only you, know your a good person. So all these Fine people need to look in the mirror.They also have had trouble of some kind.If not, they are Liars. Have a great Day Tiger

Anonymous said...

tiger keep hitting the golf ball,you are the reason i started playing golf,let the person who is without sin cast the first stone.that is what i thought

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