Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tim Tebow a No-No ... Tiger Woods Picks Tony Romo

Oh, the pains of being the most recognizable athlete in the world. Tiger Woods, who has decided to tee it up at Pebble Beach for the first time in 10 years, was speculated to play in the pro-am with Denver Broncos sensation and muscle expert Tim Tebow, but those rumors have been pushed to the sides and Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys' version of Tebow, has stepped up.

Tiger is said to be paired with Romo at Pebble, according to multiple sources, and will definitely be the featured pro-am group Feb. 9-12. As you probably remember, Romo is a stick, and has attempted to qualify for both the U.S. Open and the Byron Nelson over the years.

The two will be a fun pairing, and makes a lot more sense than Tebow and Tiger anyway.

Now, for some other dream sports pairings:

-- Phil Mickelson and C.C. Sabathia
-- Jim Furyk and James Blake
-- Adam Scott and David Beckham
-- Camilo Villegas and Carl Edwards
-- Dustin Johnson and Andrew Bynum
-- Tadd Fujikawa and J.J. Barea

Okay, that's enough! Got anymore?

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Anonymous said...

One loser picks another loser - or better said two negatives trying to make a positve................

Anonymous said...

Why would a whore banging cheater team up with Jesus freak? Tony Homo is the obvious lesser of to evils.

Big Teddy said...

Jesus preached FORGIVENESS, why don't you practice what he preached. All true believers would say the same.

winston said...

Dude.... you need help. Your less than positve tone really does slow the pace of the world. If you can comprehend ??

Dallas fan, still, Really said...

Tim who? Really golf is a easy way too make yourself crazy,basketball all those sportsof trying really hard to do something that makes you practise twice as long as you should, whatever it is. Tony needs to go and practise that 15 yard flag route he over threw Dez on the first pass attemp of the game against the Giants the pointless point I'm making is pritoratize your life,what's important Tony And Tiger SAME for you but,golf instead.

polo ralph lauren golf said...

all you romo haters suck dick

Anonymous said...

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