Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Video Ben Crane Is Back!

Okay, okay, okay ... I know that some of you might be getting a little tired of the Ben Crane videos. First, it was the hilarious when he showed us his intense workout. And then the funny continued when the slow-playing Crane got us all fired up about pre-tournament preparation. After that, his take on slow play, his dancing ability, and the latest installment takes on his former love, gymnastics.

The latest one might actually be my favorite. I really like his dedication to the craft.

(Also, for every 100K views this video gets, Farmers will donate $1000 to charity, so viewing it actually makes things better)


J.R. Clark said...

WGAS? Ben Crane is thirty-five years old and has only four PGA Tour wins.

He needs to spend more time on the practice range or the practice green, and less time making unamusing videos.

The all-exempt PGA Tour is a joke when marginally talented hacks like Ben Crane can become millionaires just by showing up and shooting par golf.

The PGA Tour would be better off going back to exempting only the top 60 players so that scrubs like Ben Crane can spend more time on shooting unamusing videos and posting them on the internet.

Frankie said...

Any player that is a PGA tour member deserves their spot. They have obviously proven themselves good enough.

Anonymous said...

J.R. Clark is an idiot

J.R. Clark said...

Anonymous is a coward.

Justin said...

Agreed, JR doesn't know what he is talking about. Probably some hack sandbagger