Thursday, January 12, 2012

Waste Management Comes out With Tourney App, More Reason Not to Watch Golf

I absolutely love the Waste Management Open like I love people that can ride tricycles; it's a strange little thing that you don't want to see often, but every once in a while is super cool. So when I heard, via the Tucson Citizen, that the WaMo decided to come out with an iPhone and Droid app, and that it was free, I quickly downloaded that bad boy, and am already excited to try it out.

Here are some of the features:

-- Daily features, along with a tab about the Thunderbirds and the tournament (As well as weather, and Coors Light Birds Next info).

-- A car finder tab, that can help you find your car in case you are too stupid/drunk to find it (and again, don't be the one DRIVING your car if you're too drunk, because you will surely get a one-stop ticket to Tent City, and that isn't some cutesy drinking tent near the 14th hole.

-- A link to social media, in case you're into that.

-- A coure hole description tab, always helpful if you're looking for friends.

-- A thing called "Take me There Navigation," that will give you actual walking directions to places in case you need to meet/find/search for someone.

-- And the best feature of all ... 16TH HOLE CADDY RACES INTERACTIVE! Yes, if you've ever been to the tournament, you know that the caddies in each group race to touch the green first. It is awesome, and people are betting all day long in stands on which caddie (defined by the color of their bib) will get there first. It's great to see them take off at a high speed and everyone cheers. Well, the app allows you to "bet" on the caddies, and you could win passes and tent tickets to next year's event. They'll have giveaways each day to the top-10 finishers, and makes it even more fun to sit on 16 and watch the golfers and caddies.

So, just go to the App World and download it. I've already tooled around with it and think it is going to be cool. Oh, and it's free, so that helps.


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