Friday, February 3, 2012

Donald Trump wants to be buried on his New Jersey golf course

Donald Trump may be on of the richest guys on the planet, but as he's quickly finding out, sometimes it takes more than money to get what you want. Despite owning a 500-acre spread in Bedminster, N.J., that currently houses Trump National Golf Course, the millionaire is having trouble securing an adjacent piece of property next to the scenic course.

What would the piece of propert be for, you ask? How about a cemetery that would not only be for members of the club -- who pay about $150,000 to join and $20,000 in dues -- but for Trump and his kin as well. As reported, Trump knows where he wants to be buried, and that's on a golf course.

While the town bristled at the idea initially, saying the cemetery could be an eyesore if built on a rural road near the course, they've recently softened their stance and allowed the idea to start the long and arduous of getting state approval. Assuming everything goes off without a hitch this time around, members could look forward to literally spending the rest of their life on the Bedminster Golf Course, right next to The Donald.

I know some could have a problem with this -- honestly, if I was paying that much for a golf membership, I'm not sure I'd want a new cemetery going up next to the course -- but considering Trump built and founded the course, he can pretty much do whatever the heck he wants.

You just hope he refrains from building his own grave site in the middle of the fairway on his favorite hole. But considering his affinity for being the center of attention, I wouldn't put it past him.

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Anonymous said...

What? Are those people nuts? Of course, bury him! The sooner, the better!!