Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One of These Things Is Unlike the Other

I'm not one to sit here and rip writing, especially from someone as accomplished as Rich Lerner, but after reading through his "Hooks and Cuts" piece (I'm not sure if this is a regular piece), I had to point out one thing.

He wrote -- "Tiger admitted he went to Abu Dhabi for the seven-figure appearance fee. Can you imagine Tom Brady bowing out of a Patriots’ regular season game to go play in China because a bank threw $2 million at him?"

I hate to knock down a fellow golf scribe, and I know we've all made mistakes in our writing before, but football to golf? Really? A team sport to an individual sport where you play all around the world?

If Tom Brady said, after China (?) offered him $2 million to go play in their made-up football league (CFL 2?), "Hey team, I'm going to skip the next game because I'm going to go play football in China," they would simply tell him he couldn't because it would breach his contract, thus losing him as much, if not more, money than he was going to make.

Golf is a fun sport because you can play all over the world whenever you want. Right now, I'm sitting at a Mexican food place in Australia because of a golf tournament. Next week I'll be in Melbourne. Then, the LPGA Tour splits and some go to Thailand while others head to New Zealand. That's the beauty of the game.

I thought it was ridiculous, and still find it ridiculous, that anyone in the world would give Tiger hell for taking appearance fee money. This is goal! If a tournament offered ANY PGA Tour star a million bucks to play at their tournament, the wheels on their plane would be up so fast they might forget their passport. China, Abu Dhabi, or Australia, it doesn't matter, this is why golf is so special.

It isn't Lerner that is making a mistake here, it is anyone that calls Tiger out for taking advantage of where he has landed as a professional golfer. Thank you, Tiger Woods, for cashing in on how damn good you once were at golf, and how much you make the sport more popular. Nobody was waking up at 3 AM in America to watch Robert Rock battle Rory McIlroy. A lot of alarm clocks were turned back to see Tiger compete. That's the beauty of money; you get it when you're wanted.


J.R. Clark said...

I don't blame Tiger for going to Abu Dhabi to play instead of Torrey Pines. The European PGA Tour has more contenders for major championships than does the mediocre US PGA Tour.

It is better for Tiger's game to compete against Rory than against two non-entities like Snedeker and the forgettable player who choked like a dog on the 18th hole in regulation at Torrey Pines. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your brilliant comments, blogger. Again a case of the putrid hatred that is spewed about TW. All the top 10 golfers plus Sergio, in the field at Abu was paid for appearances and nary a mention by anyone. All top 10 Euro stars are paid fees to play in Euro. The real reason for Monty not bothering to ever take up PGA membership. Also TW always get fees for playing all over the World, So does Phil. Seems like envy to me and not real journalism

Shane B. said...

Anonymous wins for "best job at reading and understanding an entire article" and it is barely into the first month of 2012.

Cam said...

WOOOOO New Zealand!!!

Cam said...

WOOOOO New Zealand!!!